Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • rkdownload
    09-11 09:49 PM

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    05-12 05:20 PM
    The H-2B visa program is vital to America�s small businesses and thus to America�s economic recovery. The H-2B program is capped at 66,000 visas per year. This is the same arbitrary number set by Congress in 1990. The visa allotment is split equally between the winter and summer seasons. Small business owners rely on the H-2B program because it is the only way they can legally hire workers for temporary and seasonal positions when they cannot find Americans to hire.

    Small and seasonal businesses hire American workers and they do hire every qualified
    American who applies for a seasonal or temporary short-term position. Nevertheless, even in this economy, positions remain unfilled, leaving these businesses desperately in need of workers. This is not surprising since these jobs typically involve low-skilled and semi-skilled labor, involve work at remote locations, and are only short-term in duration.

    Unlike the hiring of American workers, small business owners must go through a tough application process to hire foreign workers through the H-2B program. Employers must prove to the U.S. Department of Labor that there are no available U.S. workers to fill vacant short-term positions. H-2B workers go home at the end of the season. They cannot, and do not, stay in the U.S. permanently through this program.

    Without access to more temporary H-2B workers, many small businesses will be extremely short-staffed this year and could be forced to close. For small businesses, relief must come now so that America�s employers can get the seasonal temporary workers they need to help in America�s economic recovery.


    � An H-2B visa returning worker extension will go a long way in helping small and
    seasonal businesses survive in the short term. The extension would provide
    emergency relief by exempting from the cap H-2B returning workers who already
    have successfully participated in the program in one of the previous 3 years.
    � Without Congressional relief soon, many U.S. businesses will be forced to limit their
    services or close their doors permanently rather than be a part of the economic


    � H-2B relief has been introduced in the House by Rep. Stupak (D-MI), and in the
    Senate by Sen. Mikulski (D-MD), as the Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses
    Act of 2009 (H.R. 1136/S. 388).

    More... (

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  • balakishore
    02-08 12:44 PM
    I think any non-H1 (including H4) stay wont count. You will have full 6 yrs on H1 visa.

    This is wrong. If you go out of USA and come back after a gap of 1 year, then only u will get full 6 years. Other wise whatever your status is ( as L1, B1 etc ) that will count into H1 period

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  • xtronics
    03-19 10:33 AM
    It is still pending. Already 7 weeks. Any input guys?
    Thank you


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  • aadimanav
    10-19 01:27 PM
    H1, H4 (spouse) and H4 (kid) living happily.

    File 485 and gets EAD/AP.

    H1 doesn't use EAD.

    H4 uses EAD and hence looses H4 status.

    I-485 is denied.

    Now, my understanding is that spouse has to go out of country and come back again on H4.

    What about the kid?

    When does the kid loose his/her H4 status? (When both mother and father use EAD)?

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  • ssksubash
    02-16 11:54 AM

    I recently booked an appointment for visiting visa for my parents through vfs, during the process , I first entered my Dad's details and then his ds 156, then It asked if I wanted to add additional family members, then I entered my Mom's details and her ds 156 . After that it asked for my Mom's ds 157 and never showed my Dad's ds 157.

    So the final list of documents it generated was :

    Dad's ds 156, Mom's ds 156,157 , interview letter.

    Is this correct, does my dad need ds 157 and interview letter or is 1 ds 157 and interview letter enough ?

    Thank you for your time.


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  • surya.kant
    06-19 01:42 PM
    My Client due to some reasons unable to offer fulltime position . But they are extending my project bt 2- 2 months . Now they extended till Aug 2009 . My visa is expiring in sep 2009 .

    Should I ask my employer to file extention Now ? or should I file in August ?

    If there is a chance that client will offer fulltime job in next 2 months, consider waiting till aug for h1 extesnion, otherwise file for extension now. CIS may need end client letter for H1 extension.


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  • chanduv23
    11-09 07:04 AM

    I was current starting Sept 1 and did not get my GC till Oct second week. However, during the first week of Oct., I wrote a detailed letter to Secy. Napolitano and also to the Ombudsman. I got my GC subsequently. Yesterday, someone from USCIS called me and said that he was calling in response to my letter to Secy. Napolitano. He congratulated me on my GC and asked me if everything had gone OK and if he could close my letter out. Just thought that this information might help someone who is stuck in the queue of being current, but not getting a GC. Please file 7001 form with Ombudsman and contact Secy Napolitano if you are in this situation.

    COngrats - these things do work. Urs is not a difficult situation so it was handled easily. Basically visas were available and there was no reason to not give you a GC.

    I read in other threads that people who make service enquiries are getting cryptic responses like "we cannot deny you but waiting for DHS ...." etc..
    Such letters must be sent to Ombudsman and Secretary Napolitano so that they understand what goes on at a level below them


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  • tdasara
    03-25 12:24 PM
    While its true, a cousin of my mine applied when PD was not current and got her EAD while her husbands 485 was pending (still pending)

    Now, its a different issue that she/he get RFE whenever they apply for EAD renewal and once had to do a MTR.

    I can only guess that if the adjudicator checks the date of application before approving the 485, they might be in trouble!

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  • Rune
    October 24th, 2004, 09:18 AM seems to have a list of various studio strobes and their voltages.

    Note that ISO 10330 specifies 24V, so ideally the camera ought to handle that much. have additional information. (including a link to Wein Safe-Sync HS which you can use in case you want to make absolutely sure your camera is safe)

    As for E-TTL, with studio strobes you'll end up using a flashmeter. E-TTL does not factor into the equation.


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  • elephant
    06-18 05:25 PM

    I am going to apply for i-485,
    i have birth certificate which is taken in 2005 but I was born in 1974
    some of my friends are you are born in 1974 and as your
    birth certificate was taken in yr 2005, it might cause problems (ins poseses query)
    to get the green card.
    Is it right?
    They are saying me to get Affidivits + non availability certificate now.
    will it be a problem if I put my birth certificate....while applying for 485


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  • bnaredla1382
    08-06 11:54 AM
    I am planning to port my EB3 to EB2 but I donot have the Approval copy of my I-140 of my EB3 (But I have the receipt number) and I asked my privious Employer(who applied my case in EB3 and I used AC21 and moved to another company) for a copy of approved I-140 and he is not willing to give it to me.
    Can I still port with out having I-140 approval copy of EB3? if yes, how?


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  • xbohdpukc
    08-05 11:31 AM
    as long as both PDs are current they will start to process an application with the earliest RD first.

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  • rsdang
    08-22 11:44 AM
    There is a pilot in progress where a combined document has been issued which serves both as EAD and AP and the validity is 2 years... So I would say its a matter of time if the pilot is successful.

    There are some conditions that need to be met.


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  • manchala
    04-28 04:15 PM
    reverse brain drain and now reverse musle drain too..

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  • raysaikat
    05-07 08:42 PM

    My employer terminated my employment Last date of employment is May-7th. and he is keen on revoking my H1 by May-10th.

    He says, Even after withdrawing H1 you can still able to transfer H1 to other employer.

    So far i am not able to find other employer who can transfer my H1, and still in US.

    1) How many days I can stay after H1 termination
    0 days. There is no grace period. You would start to accumulate out of status days from May 10. However, usually USCIS forgives a small number of out of status days. There is no guideline, AFAIK, about how is this "small" defined.

    2) Is it possible to transfer H1 after the withdrawal process initiation.
    There is no such thing as "transfer". Your new employer will have to file a new H1-B petition. If you were maintaining H1-B status at that time, then you can start working whenever you get the receipt notice; otherwise you would need to wait for the actual approval notice (along with attached I-94 --- if there is no I-94 attached with the I-797, then you would have to go out of the country, and reenter). You would not be counted again towards quota (i.e., the quota will not apply to you) unless you reset your H1-B clock by staying outside US for 1 year.

    3) How much time does INS take to withdraw the H1

    4) what possibility of rejecting my H1 if I submit my papers for H1 transfer after the revoke process initiation.
    As I said, the new H1-B would have no relation with the current H1-B. The only thing you need to take into account is whether you are in status or not.

    Please let me know do I have any other options.



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  • gcformeornot
    08-02 01:09 PM

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  • 10dulkar
    08-08 09:34 AM
    My company is paying all cost of GC. So they refused to file after July 2nd USCIS letter.

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  • pappu
    03-02 04:37 PM
    nope. Its not useful.

    focus on meeting the lawmakers in person at this time.

    09-27 03:51 PM
    I am fine with abandoning the current H1-B extension process. My question is if there will be any problems leaving the country on an expired I-94 even though I am still technically in status.

    My concern is that I will have problems if I apply for a tourist visa or H1-B visa in the future.

    01-04 09:56 AM
    Let us build a force to push this bill with the help of IV.

    We shall over come

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