Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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minka kelly biography. minka kelly biography. minka
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  • iShak
    Jan 13, 11:39 AM
    jobs was being over the top cuz he knew he was taking a risk ..

    he has a hit product in his hands, the iPod, he knows it will sell ..
    and now he has a new product .. possibly risky and you never know how it will sell .. so what do you do? bundle it with the hit product and force it upon the customers ..

    so now if i need the widescreen ipod, but dont like the phone .. i dont have the choice .. either stand outside apple outlet and drool all day or go in and pay extra for the phone that comes with the ipod that i want.

    i dont want to pay extra for the phone cuz i dont want it but would have bought the ipod .. apple loses a customer

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  • Blakeasd
    Apr 9, 08:44 AM
    I think I know why OS X has had less great features then previous versions. Scott Forstall was a big designer for Leopard and helped create some of the major Lion features like Time Machine. After Leopard Forstall was moved to the IOS team. Perhaps Mac OS X needs Forstall back.

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  • coder12
    Apr 25, 03:11 PM
    iPhone nano mock-up?

    Image (http://zclee.com/random/iphonenano.jpg)

    Nope, that's the new iPod touch ;)

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  • SkippyThorson
    Sep 28, 12:05 PM
    Is this the iHouse prototype? :p

    I personally like it. It is simple, and I'll admit, I thought Steve would go lavish. I love the touch with the veggie garden. Tomatoes and spices galore, I say. It sounds like he's going to retire there, and that he's really going for the "retreat" feel.

    Applause, even if it means taking down a 1920's mansion. Not everything can be saved forever. It'll exist in memory. What's the point of saving old buildings that won't be used? So they can be cleaned and saved for no one? For people to look at once and leave? Better use of the land. It had its time, and now it's passed.

    Make way for Jobso.


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  • mrgreen4242
    Jan 15, 02:26 PM
    To stick with Steve's 4 main points:
    1) Time Capsule is pretty neat, not a terrible price for what it is, either.
    2) iPhone software looks pretty nice. iPod touch update is a travesty against all mankind... I think Apple is seriously underestimating the backlash this will cause.
    3) The ATV updates are nice, price drop is decent, but not nearly enough for year old hardware with no upgrades. Software only update means HD content will be 720p24@5mbits which is pretty OK but not what I would have liked to see. 5.1 finally.
    4) Macbook Air: stupid, stupid name. Crazy insane pricing, especially when you add the SD, ethernet, remote, and modem (you really should have all those in the box at $1800). Who's going to be buying this thing? It's just so targeted at a very specific market that I can't see it being a huge success.

    As for stuff that DIDN'T get talked about:
    - No desktop updates at all. I predict Apple getting out of the consumer desktop market in the next 2-3 years. No more iMac or mini.
    - No tablet. They could have done a <$1000 multitouch 9" iSlab tablet thingy that would have been as light and thin as the Air and actually revolutionized something, but... shrug.
    - iTunes subscription. Now that they have a self destructing DRM scheme in Fairplay I expected a subscription for TV shows, at least.

    All in all, unexciting, really.

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  • Huntn
    Mar 4, 05:29 PM
    Yes, I absolutely really think so. The problem is that if (as I suspect) you only get your news from left-leaning organizations you're only getting half of the truth. Based on what I see, it's still the right that is more energized, it's still the right that is excited to vote in 2012, because deep down everyone realizes that these protesters are protesting for petty reasons. They don't care about the kids, the schools, the state, the budget, the economy... they just don't want THEIRS to be taken away.

    JC, would you call it "petty" to be fighting for your livelihood? BTW, you've just described 95% of the human race.


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  • TrulyYuki
    Apr 12, 12:48 PM
    a gift from my fiance. Not quite a personal purchase. I have a little obsession with cupcakes.

    http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/2345/photokhu.jpg (http://img26.imageshack.us/i/photokhu.jpg/)

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  • ctdonath
    Oct 1, 04:12 PM
    But England moreso than other regions. The notion has been fully internalized by the population at large.
    You're just making history up. There is no allodial title to land in US law.
    So what's your theory about why the American Colonists got so uppity? Yes, we do not have formal allodial title, but cultural attitude is that we do (or at least a close proximity), and insofar as we don't it's more a matter of "protection money" than "belongs to the government". Tell an American his government "owns" his property and he'll laugh at you.
    There's enough space.
    Not within 20 miles of 1 Infinite Loop.


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  • Jimmy James
    May 4, 09:14 AM
    If I could only find a personal use beyond web browsing.

    I know what you could do. You could play videos with it, such as mkv's, either streamed or synced with your device.

    Since I am the local technology guru...

    I can afford one but the lack of MKV playback is the deal killer. So that makes it $499 to browse the internet.

    Capital idea! There's more than one piece of software that will do this for you. You know, not even my computer(s) can play mkv's out of the box. I had to install software to play mkv's. Just like with the ipad.

    None of the above.

    The commercials are cringe worthy when the potential you have is limited to web browsing.

    No, really, you can play mkv's. It's no longer a deal killer. You can now happily buy one. There's so many other things, other than playing mkv's, that you can do with it. It's a terribly long list so I won't bore you with that here.

    What would I playback? I do not waste the drive space on it either. I grew out of my media hoarding phase nearly a decade ago.

    I have not paid for any of my media since I just get it on DVD from the library. Why would I pay for shovel media?

    I thought you wanted to play mkv's? Oh well, I guess you could still convert them from your library videos. Your myth has been debunked. Go buy one.

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  • techfreak85
    Apr 21, 09:35 PM
    I don't see the ability to vote down posts ending well. I think that a "Thanks" system would be much, much better.


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  • carlgo
    Sep 28, 09:56 PM
    Simple designs have indeed existed for thousands of years, but most of the McMansions going up aren't like that, more like castle imitations. These people have all the money in the world and access to the best architects and designers to build something memorable and they end up getting a McCastle that the Beverly Hillbillys would like.

    So, good for Jobs for having some taste and building something worthwhile.

    And, yes, there will be a secret ATT antenna buried in the walls so Jobs will think his reception is normal.

    I would have a turntable in front of the garage. You can devote less space to the driveway area. A water feature too. Any sign of solar? It is still a big house and will use a lot of energy no matter what.

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  • MBPLurker
    Mar 17, 10:59 AM
    What is the law (or for these purposes, a crime) and what is ethically "right" or "good" are not always the same thing.

    Acting morally is not necessarily equal to acting legally.

    Of course, but dishonesty is immoral. Dishonesty coupled with theft and injury is illegal.


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  • kdarling
    Oct 22, 07:06 AM
    For all of you touting one carrier over another check these maps out.

    Thanks. However, that site doesn't seem to update its information. Some of it dates back at least five years.

    For example, I looked around my area, and most of the well known dead zones marked on the map were resolved a few years ago with new towers.

    minka kelly biography. minka kelly biography. Minka Kelly; Minka Kelly. killr_b. Oct 25, 11:01 PM. True but that new color correction software Apple just bought has some pretty
  • minka kelly biography. Minka Kelly; Minka Kelly. killr_b. Oct 25, 11:01 PM. True but that new color correction software Apple just bought has some pretty

  • MrKobie
    Jan 12, 02:50 AM
    The iPhone looks pretty cool, but it's a logical progression - certainly not a revolution. If it was so revolutionary there wouldn't have been so many predictions about it. Instead, a lot of the predictions were actually aiming too high.

    And it really is this fan-boy attitude of 'Steve is our hero, everything he does is wonderful' that keeps apple products so expensive. If you were all a little more critical they'd have to work a little harder to earn your money.

    600 bucks for a phone (with contract) with only 8gigs of ram for my music? It's not 3G. It's got WiFi but doesn't do VOIP? I think I'll pass on this one.


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  • jared1988
    Apr 9, 09:17 PM
    Yeah I just finished setting it up and i'm uber pleased! I'm in love with the shelves on the side, although give it a week and they will be crammed :p

    hells yeah, i got a bunch of mighty muggs and iron man **** on my desk that needs a place to go

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  • NAG
    May 3, 01:48 PM
    And why is this on mac rumors.

    Does it really matter what the competition does.

    It shows you how superior their open os is. Because if it wasn't open it would be controlled by evil Apple who would force you to use tethering.


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  • richard4339
    Nov 17, 10:12 AM
    My presario v2000 has amd2.0ghz turion64. It is the same thickness as my wife's g4 ibook. It isn't near as hot as powerbooks.

    I have the exact same laptop as yours (well, I did. It's leaving my ownership tonight!), and my first through when I got the new MBP C2D is that the MBP runs cooler than it.

    But, I will give you this; my Compaq runs hot, but not always. It's pretty rare when it gets extremely hot, but it is almost always warm. The new MBP, on the other hand, seems like that while it can get hot, it runs cooler overall than my old Compaq.

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  • arn
    Apr 21, 09:19 PM
    Ok, it's back.


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  • tvguru
    Sep 25, 11:41 AM
    Rev. B Intel but Rev. A Core 2 Duo

    Confusing isn't it?

    Potato, Potahto. :D

    May 10, 09:39 PM
    It will be easier once you get moved.

    yeah it should be. i'll be there to fix any problems then

    But it's so fun cursing at the thing because you did something wrong and have to reboot into the firmware yet again. Ahhh, but once you get it right it feels good that you only took 3 days this time, the last time took a week or more :p each time gets a little less painful, usually anyway. :rolleyes:

    haha, yeah it can be fun....when it works. not so fun when things aren't working. but i'll get it

    But you loose the bigadv unit every time almost no?

    i wouldn't say that. it seems this is the only area where i've been kinda lucky. i haven't lost as many bigadv units as some, but i have lost a few

    That is true, unfortunately with my new i7980x I haven't gotten any bigadv units yet, I may need to reinstall folding to see if that works, which means losing a normal unit... And most of the problems were before I had folding going anyway.

    yeah i'm sorry to hear no bigadv units for that monster. yeah reinstalling fah might help. let us know how it goes

    Apr 10, 10:37 PM
    Street Kings

    I think my favorite thing about this movie is it's soundtrack... prob in top 10


    May 2, 09:35 AM
    no thanks.

    y u no like bugfixes?

    Al Coholic
    May 3, 04:53 PM
    Ok, I'm taking down the names of all the carrier defenders here.

    The next time you people bitch about the cable companies or magazine publishers charging you twice for the "one" thing you paid for I'm gonna be all over you.

    Aug 2, 11:29 AM
    I'm sorry but most people (I'd say 99.9%) can't hear the difference between a CD and a 128kbps AAC file.

    Heck, we got people still using 128kbps MP3 for crying out loud. If they heard any difference (or if it really sounded like crap) we'd see them using 256kbps MP3 instead. Granted, the encoder makes a huge difference, but most files you see on P2P networks are 128kbps.

    Well I wouldnt say that. the biggest limiting factor is going to come down to speaker system behind it. High quility speakers it going to be noticible but on lower end stuff you cannt really tell.

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