Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Aura M.
    01-14 04:07 PM
    I am in the same boat, and am not sure if a lawyer is needed or is it something simple enough that "even a caveman" can do it??

    I am not trying to hijack your thread, thought it'll be appropriate to add it to the thread that you have started.

    I will do it my self, but I need to be inform before, to avoid any mixtakes, I think is not impossible without a lawyer...

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  • viper673
    06-24 12:41 PM
    Hello all,

    I have my EAD and waiting on my 485 to get approved sometime this year (hopefully).

    I'm obvoiusly working full-time for my current employer and I just got an opportunity to do some translation services (teaching) after hours for about 80hrs in the next couple of months.

    Is it ok for me to teach or do the rules of H1B (work up to 40hrs a week) still apply?

    Thank you.

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  • Templarian
    04-16 09:20 PM
    shouldnt the i be small and the c be big?

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  • apahilaj
    09-19 09:37 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I have a quick question about my I-140 petition. Initially I had applied for my I 140 which USCIS was about to deny claiming that they did not receive the RFE response. During that time, I had applied for a new I 140 application assuming that they would deny my old application. In the meanwhile, USCIS sent me a letter asking me to send the RFE documents again for my original application, which I did again and they approved my old application. I did not inform USCIS about closing the new application and as per my lawyer, I did not need to do that.

    Now after almost a year, I got an update from USCIS on the second I 140 application for RFE. My question is should I inform USCIS that they do not need to worry about this application since my original application is already approved or should I just ignore this RFE?

    Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated.



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  • validIV
    03-20 02:29 PM
    Check with the prevailing wage for your new location that matches your job title/description. It needs to be close to that.

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  • mirage
    02-15 06:07 PM
    Texans & Californians don't you want to sign up ? House judiciary sub-committee for immigration is 80% CA & TX


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  • easwara
    03-30 01:09 PM
    any idea how long does it take if we apply visitor visa for Canada by post?

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  • needhelp!
    10-11 01:11 PM
    bump.. TX members please attend conf call


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  • msgrewal81
    08-30 09:11 PM
    What a mean approach....what about people who have yet to apply EB3...guys when are we start supporting future EB appliers as illegals from mexico vote for candidates who support legalization of illegals..

    Typical EB approved guy dont give hell to the one who follows...that needs to change and be taken care in all the future proposals coming up from IV..

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  • swetha00
    09-12 03:44 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???


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  • Mirage_GC
    06-23 05:18 PM
    I fully respect that retrogression and per country limits are bad for us and the US economy as the first and the foremost of H1B issues.

    But, sometimes, some of us aren't able to reach that stage of the Green Card Queue.

    Therefore, the H1B displaced workers due to employer malice and corresponding USDL long investigations leaves many without a recourse and bitterly exposed with families to feed and fend:

    1. Some three GAO reports, two undercover, one published in NY Times on March 25, 2009 indicates that the WHD fails the complainants giving rise to apprehensions that once an employer creates problems, the H1B's USA plans are doomed, immaterial of how s/he was an integral part of the US economy.
    2. To top this, the complainant is cornered as no process exists (regulatory/statutory) to give these stuck H1Bs' an immigration status, and they cannot find new jobs either due to economy or due to employer malice and lost the job in the first place due to retaliation.
    3. Finally, when the H1B's complaint comes in the sixth visa year there is just no possibility to seek another H1B when no Green Card process is pending at the Labor Certification or its upper stages leaving a void in the H1Bs most sincere efforts to move on.

    Therefore, further, I am requesting you and others at IV to please incorporate some semblance of a support structure once an H1B is reported to have failed due to employer created problems.

    I suggest H1B SWAP Act (Skilled Workers Abuse Prevention) that will give at least an EAD and actually a pathway to LPR by having a box on form i485, once an H1B is successfully reported to the USDL to have failed.

    I trust this information will be perused and I will be available to given additional input.

    Incidentally, I am not alone as you must be aware. Hundreds and even thousands of Indian and other nationalities have had problems, that some are lucky to be able to move on and others get stuck, some even return home totally despaired. None of these individuals and there families are less valuable here.

    I am articulating this for the benefit of one and many.

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  • sundarpn
    04-09 08:13 AM
    Options are:

    a. Nonresident alien required to get ITIN to claim tax treaty benefit
    b. Nonresident alien filing a U.S. tax return
    c. U.S. resident alien (based on days present in the United States)
    d. Dependent of U.S. citizen/resident alien (Enter name and SSN of US Citizen/Resident alien)
    e. Spouse of U.S. citizen/resident alien (Enter name and SSN of US Citizen/Resident alien)
    f. Nonresident alien student, professor.
    g Dependent/spouse of a nonresident alien holding a visa.

    (E) seems to correct as far as I can tell.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-23 03:53 PM

    My employer and lawyer won't give me the Receipt notice of my I-485 which we filed on July 2nd. My employer did not let me file my EAD/AP as well.

    Do I have any way of filing EAD/AP on my own without a copy of the receipt notice(after it is generated and sent to the lawyer)?

    Someone told me that Fingerprinting notice that we get looks just like I-485 receipt notice and has all the information in there. Can we use a copy of that notice in place of I-485 RN?

    The application instructions for I-765 mention that we need to submit "I-485 receipt notice OR any other proof that I-485 is pending"

    Any one?

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  • roseball
    10-10 11:15 AM
    I had a 10 AM appointment a couple of weeks ago and I went there at 9:30 AM and the waiting room was almost full.....But by 11 AM, there were very few people left and no new people coming in..So I was wondering they dont schedule appointments after 11 AM...Maybe they have appointments afternoon...So 11 AM should be a good time to go in....I am sure there will be a lot of people in the morning hours....


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  • njboy
    03-13 10:21 AM
    here are the visa numbers used in 2006 for EB2 and EB3.

    EB-2: India(3,720), China(3,347), Canada(1,248)

    EB-3 Skilled: Mexico(6,766), Korea(4,375), Philippines(4,114), Ecuador(3,747), Brazil(3,670), Poland(3,230), India(3,006), China(2,477), Pakistan(2,091)

    Assuming there are atleast 300K Indians waiting for visa numbers in the EB2 + EB3 category (including dependents) and 6726 out of them were covered last year, we will have to wait for just another 44 years and 7 months to get an immigrant visa number. LOL

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  • needhelp!
    10-15 12:20 PM

    Lousiana.. do you have a chapter yet. If not, please join Texas.


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  • Since1997
    08-21 05:02 PM
    Today TSC processed only 863 cases:
    src0725250000 - src0725250863

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  • razors_edge
    09-06 01:03 PM
    Her petetion is filed in May. And she travelled out of USA last month. So you need to do is to start working and get a visa stamp of H1 when you go out of the country.

    Note from Pappu:
    razors_edge IV discourages any advertising on this site. I have removed the signature, advertising your company's immigration services. Thanks.

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  • gc_user
    11-28 08:29 AM
    Any updates please????

    11-04 02:17 PM
    I moved to a new company and yet to receive my I-797 approved from INS. My old company visa is valid till May 2010. If they have not revoked it can i still travel out of country and come back?

    What will they ask me in port of entry?


    09-14 11:36 AM
    My current H1 expires on the 30th of September 2007. I have applied for H1 extension under premium processing and it is pending.

    My Query is:

    Can I work after my H1 expires on the 30th and my H1 extension is still pending? i.e. continue working based on a pending H1 application? If so, for how long?


    Yes, you can continue to work on pending H1 application. On pending H1 extention there is no limit for how long you can keep working. if you get an approval then you can just continue working till your next H1 expires and
    thus you dont have to take a break.

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