Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • rayoflight
    05-08 12:40 PM
    Friendly Reminder about DC/MD/VA Chapter Meeting

    DC/MD/VA Chapter Meeting

    Date: 05/09/2009
    Time: 3PM - 5PM

    Location: Conference room at Tysons Pimmit Library

    Address: 7584 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22043 - (703) 790-8088

    Thank You,

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    04-25 07:27 PM
    My wife's green card was approved on Feb 27th. My wife is currently in India with valid Advance Parole. I received her green card during March 15th. I am planning to visit India during June and bringing my wife along with me. It will be almost 5 months when I come back on July 1st week.

    Will it create problem for my wife to re-enter to US? Since she has valid AP and GC card, can she enter without any problem? or does she need to come early since her GC was received ?

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  • Alice141
    03-26 02:52 AM
    Hi All,

    I would like to ask if it is possible, and how long does it take if so, for
    my parents who live in India to visit me in the UK, then we all apply
    for tourist visas for my brother's marriage in the US.

    I have indefinite leave to remain in the UK but am not a citizen yet.

    The earlies times for appointment for an interview for my parents
    in India is 4 months! whereas my brother will be getting married in 3...

    Is it possible for them to get the tourist visa for US from here in the UK?
    How long would that take if applicable?

    Thanks all very much,

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  • feedfront
    09-17 09:55 AM
    I have not seen this situation with anybody else on forum. Talk to good attorney, they should help you out.

    RFE is time sensitive. So act fast.

    Good Luck!


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  • guyfromsg
    09-21 07:39 PM
    Hello Georgia members. Thanks for everyone who is joining the rally. I've created a googlegroup for the GA member. Please join this group.

    Thanks to everyone who attended the rally. Please join the google group for Georgia. We can plan local activities, meetings etc and grow this chapter. There are so many legal immigrants living in GA but our strength was not reflected in the rally.

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  • India_USA
    06-30 11:39 AM
    Arizona immigration law backer politician Barry Wong wants to cut power from illegal immigrant homes ( _wong_wants_to_cut_power_from_ill.html)

    One Arizona politician has made a vow to make illegal immigrants powerless -- literally.

    Republican Barry Wong, a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, an elected body that decides public utility issues, says he would require the utilities to check the immigration status of customers, he told the Arizona Republic.


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  • gcharry
    11-11 08:35 PM
    Thank you for the reply. What if my 485 gets approved before the 485 date current again and I could apply for her?

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    05-23 09:01 PM

    How come MS + 2 = BS + 7...?


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  • akred
    07-19 04:33 PM
    EAD does not confer any status to live in the US. Your status continues to be AOS. When the EB2 I140 is approved, the lawyer will either interfile it with the pending I485, or the USCIS will auto-approve your case if the EB2 priority date is current.

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  • h1bwala
    04-25 11:38 PM
    I have a query related to entitlement of salary and back wages. I was laid off by a big MNC software company based in Texas in Oct 2009 . Just in span of 1 week , i was offered a position by desi consulting company starting November 1 . They started my H1 transfer process stating starting date as November 1 on LCA petition . I was told to wait until H1 receipt comes and client gives green signal to start the project.
    Even after getting the receipt on 30th November , i was never sent on project neither paid .
    I waited till 31st December and left the country on 1st Jan 2010.

    What are my rights ? Am i entitled to get the back wages as stated on LCA petition because i was never paid by employer till date ?
    What is the duration period i could get the salary ?

    Please let me know the process to get my pending salary if i am entitled to get any


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  • MightyIndian
    09-28 12:55 PM
    I filed to NSC on 7/20 but receipted by CSC on 9/20 acknowledging the receipt date as 7/20 and transferred I-485 alone to NSC reataining I-765 and I-131. Since then no FP notice or LUDs on I-485 from NSC but EAD and AP are approved from CSC.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    07-12 11:55 AM


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  • rsayed
    08-04 10:52 AM
    I got my physical EAD card but my online status still says pending. Don't know what's going on at USCIS now.

    When does your current EAD expire?

    When did you apply for your EAD? Which Service Center? Paper or e-filed?

    Pl. advise. Thanks.

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  • shimul99
    07-31 05:42 PM
    140 processing has got nothing to do with your country of origin. Country of origin is used for quotas in AOS/485

    In that i applied my I485 in July 2, 2007. AS i'm from bangladesh...when can i expect my AP, EAD and the I-485


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  • gc_check
    01-25 11:07 PM
    Considering the state of the economy and considering that the most important poisiton to save is that of the primary applicant, I suggest that USCIS process cases of primary applicants asap.

    Family members can contnue on EAD for long time; however if the principal applicant loses job and can not find another one, the entire family is done - pack bags and leave.

    What do you think?

    ssh --> I see from your profile your PD as 2001 and understand your frustration, waiting long. I like the idea what you has told... but not sure if it is practical.

    Even I think, we need to ensure, the criteria for apply for EB immigration must be met @ the time the application is accepted. But after that, if the applicant status change in the interim, that should not jeopardize the entire applicaiton it self. With EB, they want to ensure, the status is met @ the time of approval, but given the present economic condition, any thing can happen, and hope USCIS, does not utilize this to penalize the law abiding legal immigrant folks for the delay by USCIS in processing application.

    I'm not sure, The application eligibility should be verified/met at the time an application is accepted for processing and not @ approval is my view. But might not be acceptable to vast majority. Return the application immediately if criteria is not met, but not after many many years.

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-11 04:39 PM
    There is a quirk in the immigration laws that allows a person working for a cap-exempt employer to start working for a cap-subject employer once the petition is filed, even if the new H-1B status cannot start until 10/1/09. If the new employer files an LCA with a start date of 7/27, you should be able to work for that new employer under H-1B portability. However, if the new petition is denied, you lose your work authorization immediately.


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  • kirupa
    11-30 02:01 AM
    Is this a WPF application?

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  • Nil
    07-09 07:46 AM
    One cannot work on H4.
    i was told by my lawyer - if spouse stops working, s/he can go back to H4, but you need to confirm with a lawyer, given your specific case.

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  • newfoundland
    08-24 06:51 AM

    I am from Buffalo, i would like to come .. i am not sure yet.
    how many are coming from buffalo?

    PD - March 2003
    i485 RD - august 2003
    CSC to NSC - March, 2007
    waiting for GC

    07-20 10:04 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Could somebody help us with an urgent question?

    In our 485 application, the lawyer put my divorce certificate from my previous marriage in my file but not in my wife's file. According to the 485 instruction, my divorce certificate should be included in my wife's file as initial evidence because she is the derivative applicant.

    Will USCIS deny my wife's 485?

    Touch and go situation. They may overlook it

    03-21 05:47 PM
    I am planning on getting my H1 done for this year... i have talked to a couple of people about the same and someone said thai i might have Pay to get my H1 Processed and get the job.... is it a right choice to make....
    most of the H1's consultant i have come across does only ITsector
    is there anyone who can suggest how to get the H1 for other field like Pharmacy, Microbiology.....etc....

    Most of the consultants ask you to pay for the H1's these days for security. Some will re-imburse your money after a period.
    But according to the law, employers are supposed to pay for H1 and travelling expenses if you are in your home country.

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