Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • surabhi
    06-18 09:44 AM

    I have valid AP until Oct 16, 2008. I am going out of country between 1st Aug - 31 Aug.

    I read that upon return, I will be paroled for validity with 1 year from that date.. i.e 31 Aug, 2009.

    Does that mean I will not need AP renewal until 31 Aug, 2009 and I can re-enter US until that date without having to renew AP.?

    Thanks in advance

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  • anandrajesh
    03-30 04:39 PM
    Still debating on illegals... havent discussed much abt the legals. So nothing concrete has come out. Our future is still a Question Mark...

    Looking at most of the remarks the senators are making, I am expecting this bill to die. Sorry for breaking the bubble, it is just a hunch

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  • maheshf
    03-23 11:49 AM

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  • moonrah
    10-16 09:51 AM
    I received A#. You can contact your lawyer and ask them. I haven't filed yet.


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  • Ann Ruben
    02-01 09:39 PM
    Unfortunately, a 212(a)(3)(B) finding would also prevent you from getting a GC based on your marriage to a US citizen.

    You are entitled to renewal of your EAD as long as your GC remains pending.

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  • imm_check
    08-22 01:18 PM
    It is a case to sign in native language...

    Your question is not clear.

    did you forget to sign the G-325A form where it says "Sign here"
    did you forget to write your name in native alphabet?

    In first case, it will be considered improperly filed and chances are it will be rejected.
    In second case, even if your native language is other than English, the person who does initial review will not know that and it will be accepted and processed.

    I hope it is the second case .


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  • go_guy123
    02-18 04:18 PM
    Canada has been using this for skilled worker program, where individuals can apply for Canadian permanent residency independently if they fullfill the passmark. Other countries like Australia, UK and New Zealand also follow suit with different types of difficulties.

    How about US? Would US adopt this?


    Point system can be adopted but either way it has to be strict so that
    the eligible people are lesser, like giving points for work exp in US etc(onL1
    or H1b).
    Aust system is also pretty strict and only people who are working/studying in Aust can qualify.

    Any system that delinks the employer - GC sponsering system will reduuce the problems to some extent. but retrogression will be there if
    too many people apply.

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  • eswaraprasad73
    02-07 03:10 PM
    I have valid H1B visa in my passport.
    Can I travel to India via London.
    Can you please tell me what restrictions we have at london to travel. I heard some European countries have restrictions to travel.


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  • lvinaykumar
    04-11 05:25 PM
    if that is true. then some ppl i know are in trouble. Where did you find this information....

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  • glosrfc
    10-31 08:43 PM
    Yup..pineapples, corn, cable cars, jugular veins...


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  • raysaikat
    03-03 01:28 AM
    As far as I know employer sponsorship is not required for EB-1 EA case; not sure why you had to file I-140 for this ...........

    EB-1 EA does not need labor certification, but still needs I-140.

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  • ssdd123
    08-28 07:16 PM
    Most of us know its surely a tiring and long process to get visa dates in Hindi for Delhi embassy. I tried for about a month before I got it. Here is what I observed and find very important for anyone taking Hindi visa dates in Delhi:

    (a) Delhi embassy mostly adds new Hindi dates every two weeks. Specially when the english dates are about to expire, because Hindi dates are expired/not available most of the time :)

    (b) These dates are added on either Thursday or Friday.

    (c) Most chances are on Thursday/Friday morning or noon. That is from 10am IST to around 2-3pm IST.

    (d) During this time, keep checking every 5 minutes. This is because once they release dates, I do not know, but the dates are gone in 10 minutes flat !!!

    (e) Keep your information already filled and saved in vfs database, otherwise no chance that one can complete all DS 156/157 forms in those crucial 10/15 minutes.

    (f) Good luck!


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  • kondur_007
    07-12 04:06 PM
    For Nov 2005 long before we can get GC

    Technically you have to wait till Aug 1.
    Chances are, you will get your GC sometime in early August :)
    Good Luck.

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  • sk.aggarwal
    02-21 07:28 PM
    Would recommend doing an appeal for perm. That will keep perm active while your H1 gets processed.


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  • northstar
    07-20 06:38 PM
    I got appointment letter for Biometrics from USCIS. I already gave in 2007.
    Why are they asking again? and I only got this, my husband and son didn't get it.

    Right now I am on EAD, since last december(2009) I am not working, will there be any issues as I am the primary applicant.


    Nothing to worry, go ahead and give your biometrics, my friend did it twice. If you want more clarification to sleep better, take infopass and get things clarified

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  • davesmith
    01-30 11:47 AM
    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for answering all my question and I really appreciate all of you for sharing your experience.

    I am new to all these and seeking for Family based GC category 2A applied in May 2005. According to the date in VB for the month of FEB we should get GC as of now but didn't happen.

    I am confused about the "Note" that is written under the Family Based PREFERENCES chart in VB. Could some one make me understand in simple language what the below note says?

    *NOTE: For February, 2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are available to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than 01MAR04. 2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are available to applicants chargeable to all countries EXCEPT MEXICO with priority dates beginning 01MAR04 and earlier than 01MAR06. (All 2A numbers provided for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no 2A numbers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)

    Please reply.

    Thanks a Lot


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  • Gator
    02-26 05:00 PM

    I am applying for my EAD/AP renewal. The received date on my I-485 notice is Aug 2007. According to USCIS, if you filed after July 30 2007, you are not required to include a Fee.

    I am looking at my receipt notices and I feel like I payed under the old fee structure and should include the fee. Here are the amounts
    I-485 : $395.00
    I-765 : $180.00
    I-131: $170.00

    Can someone please advice if I need to include the fee for AP and EAD renewal.


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  • Michigan123
    06-16 09:12 PM
    LCA for H1 not for GC processing. My GC LCA is difefrent than H1B LCA .
    I am not sure if any New LCA is required for 485 ...At least my company has not initiated any new LCA..

    But they do file for H1B(LCA) if there is any change in work location.

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  • Tshelar
    11-06 10:40 AM
    Yes you can transfer based on the receipt number. There is not restriction on how many H1B petition can be filed on your behalf by different employers simultaneously. As long as you have no GAP in your paystubs during this transition you should be OK. I have gone through this experience in the past without any issue.

    06-14 09:46 AM
    It is absolutely feasible to do this on your own. After all you are well educated by definition of your H1B visa. The only thing you need from your employer is the letter of employment and you will need a public notary to notarize the affidavit of support.

    The rest you can put together yourself. Just filed for my husband and myself at the beginning of May, fingerprints done on June 4th. Going well so far.

    We would still need the I-140 application copy (if pending) or approval notice, right? Pl let me know.

    04-13 06:25 AM
    That sounds good to me...
    Thank you for the information....

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