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  • permfiling
    09-28 04:34 PM
    Myself and my wife walked into the ASC today. The officer in the front mentioned "are you coming in early" we said yes and then he said u need to fill out the forms etc so we got it done today. I persume since the finger prints are scanned and notified to USCIS so I don't have to send to the service center

    I am not sure whether a way to prepone it. You can try going for FP. They did not say anything about the future date.

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  • Cmartin
    03-06 10:04 PM
    Thanks a lot guys !
    It was a long journey and I wish the same result to everyone else waiting.

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  • GCisLottery
    06-19 01:53 PM
    Warning: Personal opinion.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill passed by senate(S.2611) may not see the light this year - an election year.

    The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republican party. It is their utmost priority to keep it that way after November elections.
    Immigration is a hot issue. Having seen how nasty television commercials for candidates can turn into in hotly contested places, the war may be won or lost on immigration issue.
    The President does not enjoy popularity to influence people to vote for a Republican candiate. No matter how many PR stunts he may do, it's going to have little effect, if any.

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  • Hello_Hello
    10-29 09:13 AM
    Your total withholding is $1400 or your difference with using 3 allowance or 6 allowance is $1400. Assuming you are talking about total. Your difference should be 300-400 a month. I am not justifying your companies attitude nor I am asking you to not take any action. But all I am telling you is it's not a big deal..personally I feel better when I get a chunk of money in Tax refund. But for that I have to wait one full year and deductions are $1400 more per month.


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  • ineedmymother
    02-23 08:29 AM
    Hi, My mother lives in Haiti, i was not able to file a petition for her before the earthquake happened. Now with all of that going on, i need to know how to file and get her quicker to the us? Any response will be greatly appreciated, thank you

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  • glosrfc
    10-31 08:43 PM
    Yup..pineapples, corn, cable cars, jugular veins...


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  • GC_1000Watt
    08-08 02:44 PM
    thanks buddy! So i believe it's just the state of the consulate..right?
    By the way was your case kind of same?


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  • nirmal301
    03-26 11:03 PM

    Only pay for your H1 if you know employer or any of your friend has done H1 process from that employer and application was success.

    You will find many scams to take H1 fees and never return your money back.

    But try to find employer who is ready to file your case and in return can ask for some deposit money for security purpose and same will be return to you once you start working for him.

    Whether to pay or not ?
    It always depends upon individual..If you think $1500 - $2000 is not big amount for H1 then yes.. pay for it if you don't have any other option.

    I did the same thing.. I search for employer who can file my case but was not succeed in that so finally paid H1 fees $2000 :( ...But I guess it will be worth it.



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  • phillyag
    07-17 09:03 PM

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  • gcformeornot
    08-08 09:59 AM


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  • ksircar
    06-24 09:58 PM
    If I-140 is approved and priority date is current is it possible to keep on extending H1B for couple of years without applying for I-485? I am asking this quetion because my employer is not allowing me to apply for I-485 as my I-140 is pending. It looks like he want to use me for couple of years on H1b.
    Better do not trust your employer, it may turn out to be an infinite loop. Try to convince your employer by all means to file for I485. You never know what your employer really means by "couple of years".

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  • hazishak
    07-31 11:30 PM
    My wife is planning to go for H4 visa stamping in October. My question is can she go alone and what kind of documents she need. Our I-485 applications have reached USCIS on July 2nd. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.


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  • puvathoor
    04-08 03:30 PM
    Agree with the post above.. Lots of H1Bs are filed by unscrupulous employers who bring a person on H1B and don't pay them till they get a contract / client to bill the H1B to..

    USCIS needs to investigate this.. Time to write to USCIS to be more vigilant in monitoring these firms to ensure real people with real jobs out there can get the H1Bs

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  • anura
    04-28 01:26 PM
    On the lighter side,

    "Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship

    I thought he died because Bush wouldn't authorize embryonic stem cell research. Anyway he is an intergalactic illegal immigrant from Krypton.


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  • beautifulMind
    04-22 02:38 PM
    so what do we do now..How can we get the accurate wage

    if we go there the jobzone is NA and hence the salary cannot be accurately determined hence by rule just out level 1 wage

    O*Net� JobZone: NA

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  • chrisclick
    04-11 01:54 PM
    This thread makes me physically ill. I shall not read more, lol.


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  • gimme Green!!
    08-02 03:28 PM
    This will be good to showcase the need for talent (read as speed up reforms)

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-27 01:20 PM
    If your future wife is not in the US now, she will apply directly at the consulate for her L-2 visa. There is no need for you or her to get prior approval from CIS, like you do for the L-1. Your question is unclear, so I don't know if this answers it.

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  • revnet
    October 24th, 2004, 08:54 AM
    Does anybody have any experience using this camera in the studio? If so, what lighting equipment are you using. The manual only says to use Canon flashes or equivalent, which aren't going to cut it. I'm not that familiar with trigger voltage (250V) and don't want to fry the thing. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. What I'm looking for is a brand of lights that would work with E-TTL. Thanks

    03-27 04:21 PM
    It is legal to be paid for taking part in a clinical research study if you are on an H1B. The institution will provide you with a 1099 at the end of the year which you file with your tax return and of course declare the income.

    In answer to the second posting not all research is experimental so the risks can be minimal if almost non existent and a very easy way to get a bit extra cash.

    04-11 02:22 PM

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