Wednesday, June 1, 2011

glass smoking bowls

glass smoking bowls. Smoking Pipes : A Wide
  • Smoking Pipes : A Wide

  • Stewdy
    Feb 4, 06:31 AM
    I changed to this desktop on my 13" MBA the other day and thought I'd share. :)

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  • Happybunny
    Oct 11, 11:07 AM
    I use this photo, I cannot remember where or when I downloaded it. :(

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  • dragon smoking bowl.

  • PhantomPumpkin
    Apr 21, 11:02 AM
    The only people who want to compare it that way are apple fans. The rest of the world rightfully compare it according to device. Smartphone OS to smartphone OS.

    If the situation were reversed Fandroids would be saying the same thing. Don't try and take the high road when it isn't one of your choices.

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  • blow45
    Apr 16, 10:03 AM
    you are putting a lot of parameters there, the site is reliable however as far as I can tell, I 've used it in the past.


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  • bigrobb
    Apr 3, 03:21 PM
    here is my macbook one

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  • Spring Soft Glass Smoking

  • fel10
    Dec 25, 01:13 AM
    Will be posting tomorrow when I open presents. Hope I get some cool stuff.:D


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  • pipe,glass smoking pipe

  • Legion93
    Apr 27, 01:09 PM
    The master of troll has spoke.

    Could people stop calling each other trolls? Grow up.

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  • smoking bowl. north american,

  • bobbytallant
    Apr 25, 02:53 AM
    I have a black iPhone 4 but I am gonna list it on ebay and get the white one.

    I'm gonna do this partly because I have wanted the white since day 1 and I want a change having had the black since launch... Doesn't sound logical to most I know but hey I don't care!

    Secondly, having sold many iPhones on ebay, I know that the white versions sell well and when it comes to the time to sell again shortly before the iPhone 5 comes out (in say September) - the white will do better than the black would.

    All in all I expect to pay around �80 for the switch from black to white and, as I say, I expect to get a better price for the white when it comes to sell in the future.

    Still, a completely well thought out, illogical decision to most I know I know lol!


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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 15, 07:42 AM
    It all comes down to the Malcolm X vs MLK school of thoughr. You can either use violent confrontation as opposed to serious aggressive non violent confrontation.

    As with anything in history, there's a right balance and a need for both violence and diplomacy together in order for one group to obtain favorable circumstances...or simply dominate another group. The truth is that humans don't "live in peace". Our whole existance is actually due to the fact that we kill eachother. Otherwise, we would just be like any other lower animal.

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  • JackSYi
    Jul 27, 02:59 PM
    Blu Ray is becoming more and more of a reality. :)


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  • Glass

  • rstansby
    Feb 10, 07:05 PM
    Checked my data usage while I was there and I'm so glad I'm grandfathered in!

    Holy Torrent Batman, that is a lot of data.

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  • Our glass smoking pipes are

  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 10:09 PM
    I like how they can track individual users (scares me).

    After reading the the cool new name "iTrack 4", it sounds like a spy phone from a James Bond movie... Sinister!

    That's a bad ass name :)

    "The FBI planted an iTrack in the suspects car"

    Hollywood will love it.



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  • AndrewR23
    Apr 8, 12:42 PM
    dang it, I just realized. Time to request the R changed too. AndrewR23

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  • BOWL DIEMATER : 2 CM (aprox)

  • Consultant
    Mar 21, 01:30 AM
    Not worth it.

    Charge more so you won't have these type of "clients."

    Not sure about design, but for photography, when you charge over $1000 (I charge more) per day, you only deal with professionals. ;)


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  • twoodcc
    Feb 8, 05:35 PM
    Thanks. Put my offer in on one so hopefully it gets accepted.

    I'm sitting on 48-9k PPD right now. 950 @ 4ghz and 1750mhz on the shaders of the 460. Not too shabby.

    Updated the Nvidia drivers to 266 and now the GTX 460s are both folding at 15K + each. That's an increase of 3-4k PPD each.

    well good luck with the house. if the offer isn't accepted, stand your ground! don't agree to a higher price! they will come down eventually

    that's a nice upgrade! now just add that 920 @ 4ghz and you'll be smokin!

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  • Otaviano
    Nov 13, 05:46 AM
    I would be surprised if we saw a 64 bit fcp before Lion. Apples qtkit API, which is thie only QuickTime API that you can compile in 64 bit, is really, REALLY primitive. Its going to require massive updating befor you would even think of running something like fcp with it. You cannot do anything more advanced than splice two videos together with it now. Hell even enumerating all th e codecs you can export to requires going down to 32 bits, and even the stuff that does compile in 64 bit requires a separate 32 bit process to actually do the work. T e sad thing is that apple has had plenty of time to update this API but they have essentially done nothing with it, which shows you how much they care about the pro users nowadays :mad:

    It never crossed your mind that maybe that's exactly what they've been working on all this time? That completing Quicktime X alongside the next version of FCP is what has caused this delay? It's not written in stone that the next version of Quicktime has to ship with Lion. They can ship it with FCP and pump it out in software update.


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  • glass smoking pipe

  • MattG
    Oct 2, 12:50 PM
    Are they going to make it so the ***** "Synchronize Address Book" feature works? That's one feature that I'd like to be able to use and has NEVER worked on the Mac (you click it and it does nothing).

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  • 50pcs lots blown glass smoking

  • jrko
    Mar 30, 01:55 PM
    you know, you're going to need to post pictures of this thing at some point, or it didn't happen... ;) best of luck.

    Hehe - pix will be coming soon.

    mmmm vid cards........

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  • Colour Glass Pipe

  • NoNothing
    Oct 21, 04:17 PM
    That would be my first thought.

    Apr 28, 07:14 AM
    I'm sure many CDMA loyalists want to wait for the newest iPhone to launch rather than get locked in to last year's model.

    the iPhone 5, or 4s or whatever it will be called, should see more sales from the CDMA folks

    Sep 9, 06:55 PM
    Can you post a link for the cookie monster?

    Someone asked for it last month and it was never posted and I couldn't find it using TinEye.

    Thanks! (

    Dec 6, 09:49 PM
    Would love photos. Could you do $650? Seeing as I can get an EDU discounted one for $700.

    Apr 6, 02:30 PM
    Wonder if they run Windows Server 2000.

    That is one butt load of memory. Wonder what Amazon needs?

    I'm sure the base will be ESXi with some flavor of Linux virtualized for the front end.

    It's storage not memory :)

    Apr 4, 09:00 AM
    HERE ( is a link to the set of cables necessary. ($5 cheaper than Apple, free shipping, maybe no tax).

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