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hyundai scoupe

images Hyundai Scoupe 1995. hyundai scoupe. 1.000 EUR 1992 Hyundai Scoupe
  • 1.000 EUR 1992 Hyundai Scoupe

  • hope_4_best
    05-03 10:08 AM
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  • Timeslip Scan: Hyundai Scoupe

  • NikNikon
    September 7th, 2006, 05:37 PM
    I guess I was doing this technique before I knew it's offical name, here's the last shot I recall.

    Silly me, I did it the hard way, hand held. :confused:

    P.S. Jeff, don't feel bad, I started out with one of those cheap Wal-Mart tripods too. Now that I have a good one the old cheap one comes in handy for my remote flash. So don't throw it out you may be able to reuse it one day.

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  • KIM#39;s Hyundai Scoupe

  • goel_ar
    12-20 01:45 PM
    I am all up for it & won't mind doing it all...

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  • 1994 Hyundai Scoupe

  • gc_chahiye
    07-12 11:22 PM
    5. All can apply as per the old bulletin
    Already ruled out

    why? I thought this was the consensus on the other thread atleast.


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  • Hyundai Scoupe Rims

  • desi3933
    02-18 07:06 AM
    I have H1 approval I-797 with me (received in last year quota) and H4 approval (which was applied before applying H1). Now I have a family emergency back home. I have to travel asap. My current H4 stamp in the passport is expired. So I have to go for stamping, either it be using H1 or using H4. Since I am unemployed at present I can't use H1 for stamping. If I come back on H4, what will happen to my H1 status? Will it be still valid to accept an employment or becomes void.

    Please share your thoughts...


    You status is H1 and you are accumulating out-of-status days.

    If your spouse is maintaining H1 status, you can go for H4 visa stamping. You may also use AP to travel.

    If you re-enter US on H4, your status will be H4. However, if you have valid EAD, you can use that for work.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • BEC_fog
    04-09 12:18 PM
    I don't think that with the EAD renewal receipt you can continue working. Right now, the EAD is valid for 1 year from the day the process and print your card and you cannot specify the employment dates(or they are ignored anyway). It works differently than an H-1B extension where you can specify the dates and even when they process you application say in April and you asked for it to start in march, the approval notice will have the starting period in March. For EAD, if they processed it in April, the starting date is in April.


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  • 1993 Hyundai Scoupe LS

  • immique
    03-30 12:27 AM
    please update us on when you get your visa and please post your entire experience as it would help others. you should have applied for AP while you are in US. Now that you are outside and do not have AP, the only options I see are you just wait on the visa from US consulate in Canada or alternatively, you can request your passport back telling them that you would like to apply for visa in India as you cannot stay in Canada for an extended period of time.

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  • Hyundai Scoupe 1995.

  • ak_2006
    10-19 03:52 PM
    I will donate same amount i.e. $250 when I get GC.


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  • 91 hyundai scoupe scoupe

  • milind70
    10-09 02:22 PM

    My wife's EAD card returned back and message showing , card returned by Postal, undeliverable and need response by 180 days with update the address, yesterday's message.

    Actually she got her FP and EAD notice receipt number to the same address, but card returned back.

    But in this case I saw 20days back, card production ordered and sent the notice. And I am waiting for the card to be delivered and 30days to wait to ask customer service.


    Can you please let me know , how to reach customer service representative with options type?.

    This happens from time to time dont know why but it happens.It happened for my wife too , we had efiled for EAD and her application status showed that notice(FP) returned as undeliverable. My wife wrote back to USCIS
    saying that she had received all her prior communication from USCIS here
    (for example we put in copies of 485 recipt notice,485 FP notice,EAD recipt notice) and it seems to a mistake of USPS. She also wrote to the Local Postmaster as to why the notice from USCIS was returned and in future all this should not reoccur. Within a day or two we got her EAD approved and recieved it in mail.
    The point I am trying to make is that calling(it might not be the best option as lines are busy,reps dont have the info you would like etc) as well as writing does help when u know the where to send mail , we were lucky as we had efiled so it does specify where to send the application and docs .Good Luck.

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  • jaithran
    05-13 08:21 AM
    In Bank and other Government agencies they officially refer as I-485 Resident. In bank while approving a loan, one of the valid statuses is I-485 Resident.


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  • grupak
    03-24 11:39 AM
    AFAIK you cannot use your SSN to receive google adsense revenues if you want to continue on H1B. It counts as business income and Google will send you a 1099 form and that is not allowed on an H1B. What people usually do is get someone in their home country to be the Google Adsense beneficiary. If you use your own ssn, on paper, it puts you out of H1B status.

    Here ( a link with explanations.

    Passive income is alright. AFAIK banks send you 1099 if you earn interest in your saving account (above a certain amount) or CD. Have to report it to IRS.

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  • yorstruly
    07-19 02:37 PM
    WOW! I am amazed by the effectiveness of this forum. So many specific advice within minutes!!!! :) :)

    I am looking at all the websites...


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  • Selling 1997 Hyundai S Coupe

  • chapper
    07-23 06:59 PM
    Others can correct me, if I'm interpreting it wrong. A try...

    An individual is eligible for AC21 only if he/she has approved I-140 but is not granted GC because of per country cap.

    It means that when a petitioner applies for H1B extension - they (beneficiary and petitioner) must at the time of filing H1B establish/prove that the alien is not eligible for GC at the time of filing of H1B due to per country visa cap (not many visas available for the country the individual belongs or is claiming GC under).

    Q17: How will USCIS interpret the language of AC21 Sec 104(c) (for three-year H-1B extensions) during a period in which AOS applications could be filed?

    A17. USCIS interprets AC21 �104(c) as only applicable when an alien, who is the beneficiary of an approved I-140 petition, is eligible to be granted lawful permanent resident status but for application of the per country limitations. Any petitioner seeking an H-1B extension on behalf of a beneficiary pursuant to AC21 �104(c) must thus establish that at the time of filing for such extension, the alien is not eligible to be granted lawful permanent resident status on account of the per country immigrant visa limitations

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  • Hyundai Scoupe I want to

  • samswas
    04-20 05:41 PM
    I applied AP Feb 3 2011 for my wife and i got approved mail and also checked website saying it was approved.


    Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity

    On April 8, 2011, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I131 APPLICATION FOR USCIS TRAVEL DOCUMENT. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    But i have not received the document yet and wife is leaving on 24 th Apr 2011.
    I would like to know if she can go without and when i get it i can mail the document so she can come back.

    Please help.


    She need to have AP in hand before leaving the country. I would suggest to take an INFOPASS and go the local office tell them the situation, they should be able to give you the AP there.

    Here is the link to make an appointment for INFOPASS

    Another option is talk to your Congressman.



    pictures 1993 Hyundai Scoupe LS hyundai scoupe. Bastiaan#39;s Hyundai Scoupe
  • Bastiaan#39;s Hyundai Scoupe

  • Sachin_Stock
    09-14 06:09 AM
    Nobody's a slave. Each one of us can decide for ourselves, whether to stay around, or go back. You will be getting decently paid in either case. I used to feel the same, but then there's a saying in Sanskrit "Raja Kalasya Karanam" (The king is responsible for his own destiny. This is in reference to Mahabharat's Dhritirasthra)

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  • Hyundai Scoupe 93 Factory

  • GreenCard_Soon
    01-02 03:06 PM
    Guys, thanks for your responses ! :)


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  • Hyundai S Coupe GLS 1991-1995

  • Munna Bhai
    01-23 08:09 AM
    Lage Raho...We will Win. Thank you core-team.

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  • Imágenes de HYUNDAI SCOUPE#39;94

  • snathan
    08-26 09:02 PM
    Hi folks,

    Is there any body out here ported eb3 to eb2 from same employer.
    If so what was the process. I have 5 years of experience and 4 yrs of Bachelors Degree.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

    Unfortunately your current job experience can not be used for the GC process. If you want to start the EB2, you need to find job

    hairstyles HYUNDAI SCOUPE Scoupe 1.5 Tbo hyundai scoupe. Pictures of Hyundai Scoupe
  • Pictures of Hyundai Scoupe

  • GCwaitforever
    06-20 02:39 PM
    I sent my reply with subject: "LA Documentary - Not in the area".

    08-16 02:33 PM
    I think its ok. I am in the same boat. But the applicaiton will be transfered to TSC.
    Not sure how long it will take.

    If it has to be transferred Texas why my employer did this * intentionally * to Nebraska :mad:

    huh.. hopefully it will not delay my receipt date. I am planning to travel abroad and waiting for the 485 receipt notice..

    Thanks for your answers. Really appreciated :)

    08-09 02:35 AM
    In Flash you mean?

    Usually breaking things apart relates to groups of object and sometimes even to movie clips themselves, but you certainly can break apart an imported graphic, I actually do it all the time.

    a good example would be if you were going to use a picture as a fill. I did this in the following example

    I needed the stone texture I was using to rotate with the dial. I found that it looked best using the picture as a fill for the dial. I had tried to create a circular png outside of flash for some time.. that way I could do transparency on the pic and just rotate it in flash.. but it never looked right, and the file size was huge. By breaking apart a jpg, I could use just what I wanted from it, leaving the holes in the pic up to flash to produce.

    1 comment:

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