Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • caveman_uk
    Sep 16, 02:47 PM
    If it's under warranty get Apple to send you a new one. If not check what it's power output is. The newer ones are 65W and there's fewer third party chargers that provide that level of output. The old ones were 45W and there's stacks of third party chargers that are compatible. An even cursory glance at a place like OWC should find some.

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  • Sankersizzle
    Aug 9, 04:31 AM
    here's mine at the moment!

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  • Dave H
    Mar 31, 01:35 PM
    mmm - Geekbench score 732. woohoo

    tem is sitting at around 46-47 degrees C or 117 degrees F at idle. A bit better than before the MX-2 paste.

    One other thing you can do is enable "nap mode". It lets the CPUs enter a low power state when they are idle. It does not hurt performance.
    It can be enabled with the Processor prefpane included in CHUD 3.5.2 (
    Note: on some G4s nap mode is already enabled by default.

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  • marksman
    Apr 27, 01:10 PM
    It was funny to me when this started and people were talking about jailbreaking and making it so this file could not be written.

    People were actually willing to make their phones not work properly because of their ignorance and paranoia.

    By the way I missing the part were Jobs said this was an oversight on Apple's part. From the part quoted here, it essentially says, working as intended.

    Whether there was good intent or not, I'm just thankful I installed untrackerd from Cydia; it continuously wipes the location file. JB FTW!

    Speaking of the people I mentioned above... LOL. Seriously. You are impairing the functionality of your phone because you think ANYONE cares what cell towers you might have been near... In your case the ability to jailbreak is a bad thing.


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  • forkspoon
    Oct 4, 06:45 PM

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  • Heijtink
    Apr 6, 01:52 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It'll take you little over 111 days to download it's entire capacity via Thunderbolt.


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  • Megan23
    Jul 11, 12:23 AM
    Im going to be there, leaving around 4 or 4 30 am. If anyone is there how many folks are waiting outside already? i think i need to get there early because im leaning towards the 16 gb white

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  • Sixtafoua
    Mar 23, 10:33 AM
    But his accent was so amazing!!!!!! :(


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  • Daveway
    Feb 13, 01:01 AM
    I hope that isn't your first attempt at hot avatar. :eek:

    Gosh no! I hate the one I have now, its only preliminary.

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  • jvmxtra
    Dec 12, 10:59 PM
    That is awsome. Can you give me the link?

    Here you go!

    Actually get other size at below original site:


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  • leaonfm
    May 3, 05:21 PM
    You lost me, Cable image? what's that?

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  • Designer Dale
    Dec 2, 04:18 PM
    Icons: Flurry from Icon Factory (
    Calendar and Photo by:Darin Rogers ( It's not a GeekTool thing. Visit his site and click on December Wallpaper.



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  • indian actress wallpaper

  • notabadname
    Apr 20, 04:34 PM
    I don't think that they should include the ipod touch. There is no android equivalent. iOS has been out longer too, they will have previous market saturation (android released october 2008 more than a year after iOS). We need to look at the growth numbers.

    I like how they can track individual users (scares me).

    Why not include the iPod touch? That doesn't even make sense to exclude. It is a portable platform that is on hardware worth more than a majority of Android devices that get counted.

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  • south indian actress wallpaper

  • PlipPlop
    Apr 20, 05:08 PM
    You guys are hysterical.

    Yup, and even counting all those devices, Apple is absolutely flattening Android.

    Once again, for those keeping score at home:
    Apple has the most popular OS
    Apple has the most popular handset
    Apple has the most profit
    Apple has the most apps
    Apple has the most developer revenue

    Yeah, Android is really sticking it to iOS!

    350k phones sold a day omg!


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  • ssspinball
    Apr 4, 12:50 PM
    This is another reason why I will likely just transfer my number to Google Voice for $20 + cancellation fees without losing my number. Currently my cost would be about $100 total for the change on top of a contract price of $299 (for 32GB model), so $399 instead of $549.

    I'm at a loss for how GV makes any difference in this scenario. If you move to another carrier, you can port your number to that carrier and not lose the number, so how exactly does GV help?

    You're aware that GV is NOT a carrier service right? All it does it route calls to the carrier(s) you are using...

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  • JsR
    Dec 28, 07:05 AM
    I was very lucky this year. I got:-

    Some new UGG's
    Tiffany bracelet
    �50 HMV Voucher
    �25 iTunes Voucher
    Parker Pen (I start my Master's next month and I wanted a nice pen!)
    A skin for my iPad
    A 27 inch iMac (It was my birthday beginning of December so that was joint birthday/christmas)
    Toni & Guy set

    Oh...and a cold :( Haha


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  • RedReplicant
    Sep 1, 01:45 AM

    Not a huge Hayden fan, but I love the Repsol color scheme. Hmm, weird. Not a huge Kawi fan but I still own an 09 zx6r. ;)

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 15, 09:00 PM
    Indeed, it's an odd juxtaposition. In order to not appear to be hypocrites on their budget reform, some Republicans may have to backtrack on all the moral rhetoric they use to defend the death penalty.

    If we are in such dire straits that we need to cut unions' collective bargaining in order to balance the budget, why should we need to spend tens of millions of dollars killing prisoners?

    Oh boy don't assume. Keep in mind, even with all these "much needed" emergency austerity measures, most of these states managed to give away billions in tax cuts.

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  • Deepdale
    Sep 24, 03:57 PM
    i would let him, especially if the girl's parents are okay with it. just make sure its safe sex

    But don't lurk in the bushes and attempt to look through any available spot to ensure that it is. :)

    Jan 10, 11:10 AM
    Does anybody know the name of the song from the new ipod advert that was shown? Thanks

    Apr 15, 11:50 PM
    What do I do about annoying ads? (

    Apr 7, 08:18 PM
    I don't feel like updating. haha. I'll stick with my jailbreak on 4.2.1

    Apr 7, 02:34 PM

    That is what is implied by "security issues", yes.

    Feb 5, 02:20 PM

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