Thursday, June 2, 2011

helping homeless

helping homeless. Lu Parker Project - Helping Homeless Dogs. Lu Parker next to a banner that was hanging inside stage 23 at the Sony Studios on April 2nd, 2011.
  • Lu Parker Project - Helping Homeless Dogs. Lu Parker next to a banner that was hanging inside stage 23 at the Sony Studios on April 2nd, 2011.

  • geko29
    Apr 7, 08:51 AM
    w/ TRIM support I hope

    This isn't solid state storage, so TRIM is not even in the picture.

    The last quote I got for a 300GB SSD module for our SAN was $17,500 (after a 50% "discount" from list), about six months ago. So if we assume that the price has gone down a bit since then and Apple gets crazy volume discounts, let's assume they'd pay around $10k. Times 40,000 units, we'd be talking $400M just for the drives themselves, not counting the hot spares, enclosures, controllers, switches, licensing, and all the other ancillary stuff involved. We'd be somewhere between a half and three quarters of a billion dollars.

    helping homeless. “The 5Cities Homeless
  • “The 5Cities Homeless

  • iBlue
    Apr 15, 08:02 AM
    It all comes down to the Malcolm X vs MLK school of thoughr. You can either use violent confrontation as opposed to serious aggressive non violent confrontation.

    I think rasmasyean's post above is right on. Sometimes there's a time for one or the other. I'm not one for violence as a first resort but sometimes that is what it takes eventually. It's funny you mentioned Malcolm X though because as I was reading this thread and Lee's posts in particular I thought of the quote: "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything" - Malcolm X. I admit, Lee can have an abrasive tone but he believes in something and it's worthwhile stating it. I also think being victimized and seeing people not unlike yourself being victimized changes you. Turning the other cheek is not always the best course of action.

    helping homeless. helping homeless animals.
  • helping homeless animals.

  • adk
    Dec 28, 06:51 PM
    I'm trying to change my Idisk Icon, but I can't find it in candybar under volumes or applications. Any Ideas? I'm on a trial version of .mac right now if that helps.

    helping homeless. Minnie Driver Helping Homeless
  • Minnie Driver Helping Homeless

  • fansie
    Jun 24, 10:08 AM
    Figured I would start this thread.

    NYC - 23rd Street and Madison store (near Madison Square Park) - I went in at 10:00 AM and they were sold out. The manager said they received 5 iPhones.


    helping homeless. him into homelessness to
  • him into homelessness to

  • stephenli
    Nov 20, 12:11 PM
    okok, please add multi-language capability as well as "ink" for text input.

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  • Helping Homeless Children -

  • jakljiri
    Apr 5, 11:07 AM

    question may be if it is necessary to do total reset by unpluging power cord, getting out battery and holding the power button
    after colapse of old battery or if it may help


    helping homeless. They have been helping at the
  • They have been helping at the

  • ViciousShadow21
    Sep 2, 07:09 AM

    haven't had my new computer long so i've been messing around with icons and looking up desktop pictures on

    possible to link the original from interface?

    helping homeless. Helping homeless families
  • Helping homeless families

  • turtle777
    Jan 13, 12:20 AM
    The 2012 Passat is good news. It will make the 2009/2010/2011 Passat's resale value drop.

    Let the sheeple "upgrade" to the better, uhm, newer model.



    helping homeless. helping homeless youth.
  • helping homeless youth.

  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 15, 04:32 PM
    We'll take them, at $10M per head (negotiable).

    Our Inuit brothers, up in Nunavut, will look after them, and they can put the money to good use.

    helping homeless. Helping Homeless Emergency
  • Helping Homeless Emergency

  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 09:12 AM
    Only issue I want fixed is wifi. Disconnects a lot.

    Do you have multiple iOS devices in the house? Or ones that come and go - like a friend visits and connects to your WiFi?

    If so, there is an issue with some routers assigning the same IP to different devices and that will kick you off from time to time.

    Resetting the router with both devices in the house will solve it. Happened to me when my Daughter visited and I connected her to my router. I kept loosing the WiFi. Then all was good after a router reboot. :)


    helping homeless. students helping homeless
  • students helping homeless

  • Sogo
    Nov 10, 11:04 PM
    :( I am unable to install wiretap. when I try to unstuff it, it asks to save some preinstall thing in a folder but it says that it already exists. I naturally say save, all three documents. It unpacks, but when i click on it, it tells me that it was unable to locate files. So i am lost at the moment.

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  • streets helping homeless

  • tvguru
    Nov 20, 11:45 AM
    This rumor kinda makes me laugh. Something about having a rumor about an update to a product that we haven't even seen yet seems comical to me.

    I am in the market for a new phone though. Looking at the rumored BB 8800 or the Apple phone if it's up to par. Only time will tell.


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  • working to help homeless

  • vi2867
    Oct 31, 10:20 AM
    How can you pre-order if the 2GB shuffle is not even on Apple's website?

    Hey, the first time saw 5G iPod, I thought, why are they talking about a 5 gig iPods, when the current iPod is 30 and 60 gigs...

    We all make that mistake when we first see that terminology...

    Tell me you didn't...

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  • ministers helping homeless

  • jr24
    Aug 2, 05:24 PM


    helping homeless. Helping homeless families
  • Helping homeless families

  • TheMonarch
    Sep 24, 07:50 PM
    but why not? sex is good, and if both consent to it then their should be no problems as long as they know to be safe ect.

    The why not is not the point. Its the fact that parents don't lose control the very second they're 18.

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  • B: Helping homeless people

  • coder12
    Apr 27, 01:31 PM
    I am not defending Full of Win. I sincerely am not.

    But some people should keep in mind that it's entirely possible to love a company's products while not liking part or all of the actual company or how they operate on given occasions.

    It's very easy for some here to just throw out the term troll and hater just because someone isn't accepting of Apple's PR, etc.

    Now go ahead an tag this with your "-1" too :)

    Not on topic here... but I don't necessarily hit "+/-1" depending on whether I like a post or not.

    I tend to just go around and move the counters back to 0 :D It's like a game, and when they're all back to 0 I magically win! :cool:


    helping homeless. Helping homeless veterans
  • Helping homeless veterans

  • heimi
    Nov 1, 04:11 AM
    Got mine through this morning from the AppleStore. Its absolutely wicked! Very, very diddy and comes with this cool little docking station to charge it and interface with my Mac. Looking forward to a trip to the gym tonight... ;)

    helping homeless. Helping Homeless
  • Helping Homeless

  • illustratorDavi
    Aug 3, 05:54 AM

    I'm continuing to look around for a good host.

    Can anyone recommend ?

    Any opinion or other suggestions - welcome

    David :)

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  • Homeless people are in EVERY

  • nesbitt_a
    Jan 18, 03:25 PM
    Hi all,

    Is anyone interested in getting involved in setting up an Edinburgh Mac User Group?

    Please get in touch - we want to hear from you.

    Jan 22, 06:37 PM
    One thing I forgot to point out earlier is that the base price of the new Jetta and Passat is lowered by a huge amount, but (at least in the case of the Jetta) the diesel version @ $22k isn't really any cheaper than in the previous version.

    Now, with the Jetta, we know that VW saved a ton of money by fitting the antediluvian 2.0 8v engine. But the base Passat comes with the 5-cylinder. I wonder how much the diesel will cost in the Passat?

    random guess with diesel and vw is: 2000 bucks for the same fittings.. the big reason why VW wont introduce a bigger/cheaper passat in europe is that there is no need with their absurd fleet/business car sales(just like BMW) and their ability to really upsell to the bigger margin Audi or the lower margin Seat and Skoda
    the passat, just like top range bmws/audis/mercs are between up to 70-80% business cars around here and the skoda superb thanks to legroom rules taxi sales
    even my father got a TDI Passat handed to him which despite being the smallest engine still did cost nearly 40.000k euro

    I guess I'll reserve judgment till I read reviews (and see it on Top Gear ;) ), but my first reaction is Ferrari! NOOOOOO! This is just one small step away from the inevitable SUV and Ferrari will be dead to me. :eek:

    i can already imagine clarkson circling the top gear test track with ikea packages and a potted plant sticking out of the open hatch, complete with going through corners sideways ;)

    Hardly... the 612 remains the better car & Ferrari have been producing 4-seaters for decades. ;)

    Regarding the design, personally I rather like the fact that they've gone for a Shooting Brake aesthetic rather than an ungainly 4 door one. Remember, Ferrari's are almost always controversial (entirely unlike Porsche). :)

    the new FF will be _replacing_ the 612 .. which very likely was the best looking 4 seater ferrari ever made... don't forget some of those old 4 seat Ferraris ;)

    on a more general note Fiat and it's subsidaries seem to be quite on a roll design wise... the last few years i have nearly liked all recent released cars from Fiat,Ferrari and Alfa looks wise compared to the more "hit and miss" or "bland boring playing it safe" of other (euro) car makers

    and yes i'm a stern supporter of the shooting brake design.. after all who isn't ? the only problem i have is that i can't afford them ;)

    Feb 5, 11:45 AM
    WHERE? Where can I find that wallpaper?

    Here ya go!

    Sep 26, 09:13 PM
    Has anyone had a close look at the main picture on Apple's preview page? The sender of the email in the top pane is 'Katie Lorenzo' but in the preview pane her name is 'Amy Lorenzo'. Also, the delivery time is out by almost an hour.


    He's right! :)

    Feb 19, 04:41 PM


    Apr 7, 09:49 AM
    Has anybody else noticed that with each new patch Safari gets snappier and the battery life gets worse? :D

    Actually, I felt my battery did get worse with 4.3.0. I'm not sure about 4.3.1 yet, but I jailbreaked at 4.3.1 so it's not really a fair comparison for me.

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