Thursday, June 2, 2011

world map outline with country names

world map outline with country names. World map
  • World map

  • Moyank24
    Apr 24, 01:17 AM
    It'd be more appropriate to say he's letting the book do the talking for him.

    Either way, linking some overused passage lends absolutely nothing to this discussion or any like it. So what's the point of reviving the thread with it? All it does is show that this person can't speak for himself (or herself).

    world map outline with country names. blank world map outline with
  • blank world map outline with

  • *sundek*
    Apr 14, 06:23 AM
    Is that the original below? Liked this WP but the image is broken.

    here we go :D (

    EDIT: sorry, too late...

    world map outline with country names. Political map of world
  • Political map of world

  • le sacre
    Nov 2, 03:53 PM
    i pre-ordered mine at the beginning of october, and got it this morning (engraving and all--wow, small engraving font!). very positive first impression.

    i can see why some people complain about the clip at first: you expect it to be like a binder clip. i think apple's design is actually fine. there's a decent amount of force when the clip is wide open, and then when it's almost closed there's less force, the majority of its fastening power being supplied by the overlapping "teeth." for its intended use--clipping to clothes--i think it's great. whether it will clip successfully to other materials i think depends on the thickness (thicker is better up to a quarter inch or so), pliability (so the teeth can catch some material), and whether there is a thicker edge to catch onto. works flawlessly clipped on a shirt collar, any pocket, a flap with a thick edge, belt loop, anything you can clip it onto pointing down, etc. not so great on pinches of fine fabric. of course there's barely any weight to jostle it off. i expect no problems.

    sound quality of course is fine. haven't bought an ipod since '03, so i was pleasantly surprised by the "old" headphones' cord adjuster (you can cinch it up so that the left/right cords are held together up to a point of your choosing--is that new?). i ordered one of those pairs of logitech bluetooth headphones that are super cheap on account of their fragility, and am very excited to try to rig up a cordless gym-going system.

    the little dock is quite nice. pleasantly weighty for such a tiny form factor, and has a bottom surface that really seems to grip my desk, which is great--reassures you that it won't blow away or tip over.

    i think once again apple's done a great job of providing more control and info than you would expect out of such a simple interface. my favorite example: hitting the "play/pause" button three times takes you to a random song (in shuffle mode), or to the first song in your list (in standard mode--very useful!) this is probably not new, but i didn't know about it before and like it a lot. you can also press and hold the play/pause button to toggle the hold mode (shutting off responsiveness of the buttons). and unplugging headphones automatically pauses playback.

    itunes 7.0.2 worked great to load it up (though being used to my 3rd gen ipod i miss the speed of firewire). now when i plug in the shuffle there are two tabs at the top of the content window--one for settings and one for content.

    so overall i love it. if forced, i could come up with 1.5 complaints. 1) the engraving is kind of hard to read--small, part of it just slightly fuzzy. .5) though i totally don't expect it to slip from wherever i clip it, i would probably feel more secure if the clip were a bit stronger.

    world map outline with country names. map with countries outline
  • map with countries outline

  • Socratic
    May 4, 06:01 PM
    It's not the Red Cross. It's the FDA. Last time the policy went up for review in 2006 or so, it was voted 7 against 6 to stay in place.

    And for anyone wondering, the wording is something along the lines of "if you are a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1977, or if you are a woman who has had sexual contact with a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1997, you are prohibited from donating blood."

    I think a basic level of intelligence indicates how wrong and prejudiced this is.

    According to statistics, black men are more than 6 times more likely than white men to become infected with HIV, but you sure as hell dont see people supporting banning black people from donating blood. Why? Simply because it is more socially acceptable to be homophobic than it is to be racist.

    Edit: I just wanted to make this clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for blood donations, regardless of who may or may not be present. Donating blood saves lives. There is a problematic policy in place in the US and other countries at the moment, but that never has and never will make asking for people to donate blood problematic in any way, shape, or form.

    I should clarify then in light of my previous comments that I am in the UK, where the wording is very different.


    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • GoodWatch
    Apr 7, 01:52 PM
    I don't understand a single thing you just said.

    Me neither. But the use of 'u' instead of you says it all :rolleyes: Ya know, me so kool..... :p

    world map outline with country names. map of world with countries
  • map of world with countries

  • robbieduncan
    Apr 19, 11:37 AM
    This is a dangerous thing to ask on the Internet (


    world map outline with country names. countries outline. world
  • countries outline. world

  • hulugu
    Mar 3, 11:16 PM
    (getting on soapbox)...flat tax...

    (getting off soapbox)

    Thank you Flat Tax Bot.

    world map outline with country names. world map outline countries.
  • world map outline countries.

  • bogeybro
    Apr 24, 11:41 PM
    I recently installed Bootcamp. I split up my hard drive in half. I have now decided I don't want to do it anymore. How do i reverse it back to normal so I get my full memory back?


    world map outline with country names. map with countries outline
  • map with countries outline

  • Doctor Q
    Apr 21, 11:44 AM
    We are aware of a problem with the Private Message system. You may get an error message when you try to read a PM that you've received.

    Please be patient while we work on the problem. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    world map outline with country names. world map with countries names
  • world map with countries names

  • Che Castro
    Apr 28, 08:09 PM
    When the phone is a sleep and u get a call i want the time to be displayed either below the callers name or on the statusbar

    Is there a tweak in cydia or in normal settings that can do this


    world map outline with country names. Outline maps world map map of
  • Outline maps world map map of

  • BillyBobBongo
    Dec 1, 02:37 AM
    Here's me!

    I saw the original somewhere on the Interwebs but it wasn't large enough for my screen so I remade it. I've attached the file.

    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • b0blndsy
    Feb 10, 06:37 AM
    This is great! I just switched back to AT&T from sprint this weekend!!!

    Hope more people to follow


    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • dianeoforegon
    Apr 29, 06:51 PM
    This is not an option in Outlook for Mac. You can set Outlook to "Work Offline" mode under Outlook in the Menu bar. this will allow you to hit "send" and the message will go to the Outbox but not connect until you are toggle "Work Offline" .

    world map outline with country names. country,world-map-labeled
  • country,world-map-labeled

  • irain
    Sep 18, 09:47 AM
    Hey, I was wondering if there's a free or cheap program that can make pictures black and white, but have certain things colored. I have graphic converter. But I don't know how to use it to do something like that. If you can do it with graphic converter, please tell me how. Thanks!


    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • rezenclowd3
    Apr 18, 11:45 PM
    Triumph TR-6

    Something that I hope to own in the near future as well... I LOVE small British sports cars, and this is just sex, but I want it in red.

    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • wgschick
    Oct 5, 10:03 PM
    i agree 100%. "dynamically redraw the page"? based on WHAT?

    This is my first post. It takes a lot for me to stop being a lurker, but the idea that any user can resize a textarea on a site I design, dynamically redrawing the page, is among the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. This will break valid page layouts in new and unheard of ways. Designers make form elements a size and shape for a reason.

    I look forward to finding a way using JavaScript to disable that feature the day that browser is released.


    world map outline with country names. world map outline with country
  • world map outline with country

  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 27, 01:13 PM
    FACT: Apple doesn't access the database cache

    Is that a fact because Apple said so? Or because someone can actually prove it?

    Their software patents would at least suggest they planned on using it.

    world map outline with country names. outline+with+country+names
  • outline+with+country+names

  • altecXP
    May 5, 10:20 AM
    THink I figured it out. It seems to do with the order of how I put it to sleep/disconect cables.

    If I booted it with the mouse/keyboard and external display, then disconnected the mouse, then keyboard, then external display it works just fine.

    Really weird.

    world map outline with country names. Russia | Outline Map #1
  • Russia | Outline Map #1

  • Wilshire Court
    Apr 9, 04:18 PM
    Does XCode or interface builder include a grid object or data grid object? Are there any third-party developers who offer those objects?


    Mar 23, 04:26 PM
    As has probably been said in the forums before, $25/hour is on the low side.

    Backing up a little and going slightly off topic: being passionate about something and being able to make a living at it are two totally different things. I think all creatives like ourselves should take a mandatory 6 month business class before we start our businesses. If you have bills to pay as most of us do, you gotta figure out how much you need per month and then how many clients @ x dollars per hour you need. If your living costs are low and you're just starting out then you can pretty much work for any amount just to get the experience but when you get older and you have a mortgage, car payment, kids ($$$$$$) you many end up working for someone else.

    Also, now-a-days, with the power of computers and software it's pretty easy for someone not so technical to sign up for a free blog such as Tumblr and Wordpress, grab a theme for $50 and have a website up and running for next to nothing. The internet has been growing at a steady rate, even in the economic downturn (big company fires techies and they start on online company) BUT when you have too many players in any market, the middle of the market falls out. i.e. you end up haviong folks working for $10-15per hour and others working for $100. This is not good for any of us!

    Also, working for ourselves we're more lightly to be tempted to tell a client to piss off as we're the boss so remember to keep your cool and be professional at all times even if the client is a no good tire kicking ^*&^* face!! And for the love of dog, make every client sign a contract where you lay out exactly what and sometimes more importantly WHAT YOU ARE NOT going to be doing for them. Client is being an ass, gently remind the client of what is written in the contract. Client is being a real ass; off to small claims court you go - one of the only decent things about the legal system in this country is that you do have certain rights compared to say other places on the globe!

    OK, putting my predisposed negative Brit attitude aside and yes this disjointed rant is now coming to an end :) Nothing is stopping you from getting a book on selling, yes, we've all got to be sales people or teaming up with other to get some sweet deals!

    (And as all good teachers will tell your, I've neglected most of the above in my Web Design Business to my own detriment! I have also never taken a client to court in 10 years of web design but I did think one was a no good tire kicking ^*&^* face though!)


    Apr 13, 09:26 PM
    Just changed mine to this :)


    Apr 19, 07:45 PM
    This should not have happened. Call AppleCare ASAP on a 2011 MPB.

    Doctor Q
    Oct 31, 05:31 PM
    This is one of the 4 first-round voting pools in the 3,000,000 Post Apple Advertisement Contest "Best Apple Video Ad" competition.

    Vote for your 1 favorite in each of the 4 "Best Apple Video Ad" pools (and your 1 favorite in each of the 8 "Best Apple Print Ad" pools).

    This poll will be open through the end of Wednesday November 1, closing at midnight EST. The entry with the most votes will move on to the final round.

    Apr 13, 11:05 AM
    so as android phones accelerate the pace of innovation with lte, nfc, larger screens, etc. etc., apple decides to slow down the pace of innovation? what the hell is your problem apple?!
    Well, apparently their main problem is that you think rumors=fact.

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