Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • easygoer
    04-24 11:05 AM
    It seems that we are at loss what is going on at Texas as reagrds to I-140. Is there anyone who can sheds light as to what is actually happening at Texas?

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  • rajuk_in
    07-02 04:23 PM

    I am planning to file my I-485 and for that I got my Birth Certificate from India and have a question related to it. The name provided for my Passport and all other documents is "Rajendra Upadhya Kumbhasi" but in my Birth Certificate they have included my father's name along with my name i.e. my Birth Certificate has "Rajendra Murlidhar Upadhya Kumbhasi". I would like to know if this could be a issue and if so will a affidavit help me resolve this issue.

    Please let me know.


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  • a2006
    10-04 11:21 AM
    hi, i recently filed 485,EAD,AP for my wife and the attorney asked for check of $1010/- that includes unlimited EAD renewals.

    Is this really possible ? Please advise.
    yes, this is the fee structure from 2007 July D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • smdfarooq
    06-02 04:48 AM
    Please share your experience, if any one come across this situation


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  • getgc2008
    03-18 04:37 PM
    Gives me an idea what it should be.

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  • 123456mg
    08-16 08:06 PM
    I applied for my PERM Labor Certification on 06-Aug-2007. My status online shows "APPROVED"on 13-Aug-2007. My Lawyer says that the HARD COPY is needed to move forward (My priority date is Jan-2006 from a prior Labor/I-140 approval).

    1. How long does it usually take for the Hard copy to reach the attorney's office after approval.
    2. Is there any way I can apply for I-140/485 by August 17th given that my status shows "APPROVED" as of today (August 14th).

    Any suggestions?

    This is another classical case of attorney screw up. If only your attorney had filed 6 days earlier, you could have filed for your I-140 and I-485 concurrently.


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  • mrdinh
    April 18th, 2004, 10:47 PM
    Here are some shots with the D2h and 105mm...what do you think?

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  • chanduv23
    06-27 07:26 PM
    Hello Folks:

    This long wait for Green Card has made me think about a number of things...

    A few days back a couple of my friends have recieved notices from USCIS are sending notices 'Intent to Deny their I-485' w/o any rhyme or reason. Employer says they have not withdrawn their I-140. They said they will appeal but if nothing happens they will go back to India.

    Just worried...if this happens to me and I am forced to go out of the country in 30 days, what happens to my US loans. I do not think I would be able to repay back my home & car loans with an Indian salary if I return. In this market I can only sell at a huge loss. I also used US Line of credit for education purposes. Do I need to file bankruptcy? I am on a EAD right now...

    Any thoughts on this... greatly appreciate

    This is teh first time I am coming across this "Denying without any reason" - If this is really happening then it is a very serious issue. Your friends can contact IV if there is such a notice


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  • MYGCBY2010
    07-23 03:12 PM
    Me and my spouse both work on H1B and I am applying for I-485 along with EAD/AP for both me and my spouse. My question is since my spouse is already in H1B with certain job title which was mentioned in one of the documents that was filled with i-485, when spouse uses EAD does she need to be looking for similiar jobs only?. Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

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  • Quirky Quantum
    10-27 09:25 PM
    Did anyone else try converting this to plaintext before realizing it was random?


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  • sath2000
    07-17 04:46 PM
    I posted the same information on FREE answers to questions from an Immigration Lawyer.

    Here is my issue regarding the PD.

    My Employer applied for labor through RIR under EB2 March6th 2004 which was then transffered to Philadelphia Backlog Center. Our Attorney suggested that we Apply through PERM process and Retain PD from the old case. Converted to PERM and applied on 09/26/2006 which was approved on 12/29/2006 but the letter said that they are not retaining PD from the old application as address is changed. Our employer moved 1 street accross in between these to application in Feb 2006. only street address changed everything including phone number remained same. My attorney said that he talked to the labor department in Chicago telling them that phone number didn't change. They said they will consider it and asked him to send a letter. It has been over 15 months he send the first letter. He said last month he also received a call from chicago office saying that they will take a look at the files.

    In the meantime applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in July/Aug 2007. I-140 got approved on 05/28/2008 and got RFE for I-485 on 06/13/2008. responded to RFE and now case process resumed.

    At this point I am trying to see if anyone have this kinda of issue and got resolved or there is away to get this resolved.

    thank you

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  • pointlesswait
    03-17 04:10 PM
    i am in the process of doing it..
    u just have restart the whole process!..but u should have an approved 140 on Eb3..!

    some ppl here may think its unethical or its cheating..but i think..the PD is a measure of the who is ahead in the line...not category..;-)


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  • ksvreg
    03-15 09:10 PM

    - USCIS throwing RFEs on H1 transfers
    - Beware of 140 revocation by your employer though it is not valid. But will put you in mental stress
    - Make sure your new position duties and its description and slaray are similar.

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  • amitga
    02-27 03:31 PM
    Linky not worky


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  • sabgau
    06-16 07:19 PM
    I have an appointment in Toronto next month and today I got a voice message from the US embassy in Canada saying that there could be processing delays of days or months and the decision will be taken by the visa office during the interview. Has anyone else got this kind of message?

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  • us_employee
    06-14 11:30 PM

    I have friend who was in US for 7 years (F1->H1) and moved back to India. Later, he came here on B1 for couple of times. What's the best option for him if he wants to come back to US to work full time.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • thakurrajiv
    11-03 02:24 PM
    Dont you need the FP notice to even enter that building, the guard or the cop standing will not even let you in, if you dont have the FP call for notice.

    I never heard of walk-ins :)

    gcdreamer is right, you need FP notice. But if your question is if you miss your appointment date and then whether you can walk in another day, then answer is yes. I went to FP 2 weeks ago. A lady next to me, had FP notice dated 3 weeks earlier.The office let her get FP done.I personally did not do this.

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  • anilsal
    12-02 11:43 AM
    We can never trust that lawyers have the latest information. That is why it is so important to get views from the community in forums. Everyone has different lawyers and has different experiences.

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  • Saun
    09-15 09:37 PM
    Does anyone have any names and suggestions on the best lawyers in the US? Dan19, could you please tell me which lawyer the person consulted with who got his LC approved? I have contacted Carl Shusterman and have a phone appointment with him on Monday. Any ideas would be appreciate since I don't have much time left cuz I need response to the letter by Sept 27, which is two weeks from now.

    I really appreciate everyone's input on my labor certification problem. The letter I got from the labor department is a letter with intent to deny application which means my LC is not denied yet but that they are considering of denying it if I couldn't provide evidence to explain why the job description is restrictive. On the letter however, I am not given the option to readvertise. So my lawyer plans to request for that but he said most likely the Labor department will not grant the consent for me to readvertise

    10-11 06:20 PM
    The first status is that USCIS has approved your EAD and ordered for a card. The second status means that they mailed you the card. You should get the card in next 5 business days.

    03-13 02:08 PM
    wow didn't know USCIS had the time or the resources to entertain calls about LUDs ..

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