Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • theOne
    09-22 12:12 AM
    I recently got my gc. Is there anything I need to do to initiate my Citizenship process ?


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-10 04:04 PM
    Thanks! I'm just wondering why I was the first to think of it. MEh.

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  • dskhabra
    07-27 08:49 AM
    Your change of status will come under 65K cap..and if the cap is not increased (lets still hope for the best) then it's going to be lottery again and it's your luck to be selected in the lottery. because of lottery you can not plan a lot of things..

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  • indianabacklog
    10-19 01:59 PM

    You can request assistance from the airline. My elderly mother travels alone twice a year to visit me and the respective airline are always more than helpful, meeting her off the plane and making sure she knows which gate to go to etc.

    On a funny note she was most offended that they felt a wheelchair was appropriate and insisted that is only for old people. She is 77.


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  • go_guy123
    03-04 01:57 AM
    To all the physician members of this forum....

    Conrad 30 program is up for extension on march 6.
    According to although the extension is gonna take place, they plan to make physicians exempt from employment based category as long as they work in medically underserved areas....

    If this bill includes the physician clause that will be a lifesaver for a lot of people and also help in visa retrogression albeit little bit.
    Hope it passes....any thoughts anyone?

    Yes Conrad 30 will be extended. Whenever there is lobby behind something it will get passed. There are lot of congressmen from rural America where doctors don't like to serve. So Conrad 30 helps to get doctors there.

    Conrad 30 issues is same like the Amtrak issue. Every year Amtrak runs a loss and congress huff and puff abut it but eventually pass the Amtrak budget payment.
    Because Amtrak threatens to stop the unprofitable routes (typical rural areas)
    and a lot of Congressmen panic and pass that.

    Whether "physicians exempt from employment based category " that is a different case because there is very little incentive to get that done. Once doctors get green card they can leave the under served areas.

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  • god_bless_you
    06-08 12:55 PM
    Can anyone tell when will EB3 India crossover to May 2001 from April 2001 without any new law.

    most probably by Oct with new year dates it move to May 2001 but later bove back to old priority dates once approvals come from BEC's


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  • anilkumar0902
    08-15 12:52 AM
    Thank you for the response dentist1.

    I am not sure on how to interpret LUD, here is the summary

    1. 485 received date Aug/1/2007, notice date Sep/27/2007 - for all three of us.
    2. We applied for a change of address in May/2009 and received acknowledgement from USCIS in June/2009 - for all three of us.
    3. My son's RFE response acknowledgement dated July/2009.

    Please help me to figure out LUD for our applications.


    LUD : Last Update Date
    It shows up while you check your case status. You can easily see all of them, if you sign up for case updates on the USCIS website..It is very easy to set-up as you can see for yourself.

    Good luck for next month


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  • neeidd
    07-14 03:31 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I need some advice from you guys

    My initial receipt date for I-485 from Vermont service center was July 7th 2007. But when I-485 was transferred to Texas service center, receipt date on I-485 is showing as September 11th 2007. Can we do anything to correct the wrong receipt dates as this might have significant impact on my processing times. Please advice

    ^^^^^ bump ^^^^^


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  • deardar
    06-18 04:09 PM
    I dont directly work with attorney, the company works so by the time the information gets relayed its taking time.

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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-24 04:59 AM
    Hello Bpositive,
    I am in the same situation as you are and have been for about 2 and a half months. I got a yellow slip and still awaiting feedback from the Consulate who in turn is awaiting a response from Washington.

    It depends on when you left the US and if you received your AP before your left the US.

    There was a letter published on November 1, 2007 which can be found here

    If you received the AP before you left the US then there is no risk in returning on the AP from what I have been told but if you did not receive it before you left the US then there is a risk of you entire AOS process being cancelled and this all depends on the officer and the situation at the POE.

    Unfortunately in my case I didnt receive my AP until after I left the US and am awaiting feeback from my lawyer regarding the rule in the link.

    Let me know if you find any other information
    as it would help me as well.

    Please..request that only those with personal experience with this respond. I have to decide in the next hour or so and have lawyer opinions already.

    Has anyone gone through this?

    My H1 is pending 221g admin process (Pink. possibly because I have a Phd in biology) I can't wait much longer as I may risk losing my job. Can I travel on my valid AP? I am not concerned about keeping my H1 status etc. My only concern is at port of entry. Lawyers have told me it is ok, but I would like to hear from people who have done this themselves.


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  • grinch
    05-17 03:07 PM
    Yeah, went a little to overboard with the gradients, and I think a thicker font would be good

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  • nixstor
    09-15 09:43 PM
    Rajiv Khanna
    Sheela Murthy
    Mathew Oh


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  • smaram1
    07-02 05:35 PM
    I am in the same state as your's. After talking with Lawyer and after reading lot of forums, i went ahead and submitted with PAR:PAROLEE for both Manner of Last Entry and Current Immigration status.

    I am not lawyer :) but that's waht i went with and submitted just yesterday

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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-08 02:12 AM
    hey thanks....especially from the "pixel-guru" himself ;)


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  • psaxena
    01-14 02:16 PM
    While driving back , at POE the process is simple. Always show your AP before passport and they will let you in. Never show the passport before the AP.

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  • Sakthisagar
    03-11 10:36 AM

    Please read this. if USCIS takes this seriously then we can expect some movement in coming visa Bulletins

    Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC (


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  • murali3000
    03-13 01:56 PM
    I got soft LUD on my and my wife 485 on 02/10/2009
    I called USCIS they said , it is an batch update - no information they can provide. I am not sure what it means.
    Does any one else got soft LUD around this date ?

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  • sac-r-ten
    03-16 05:03 PM
    h1bjava, why are you so much worried about denial. why are you thinking so -ve to start with.
    I am not sure whether its true/law/rule, but my employer's general counsel informed me that i can do it 3 months ahead of the expiration.
    To answer your red flag, i don't know. You must talk to your employer/lawyer about the possible "6month ahead plan" of applying the h1b ext.

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  • vfx
    07-09 11:52 AM
    Is the 3yr extension based on an approved 140 transferrable to another employer for the full duration of 3 yrs?

    09-12 10:07 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???

    Well you have sufficient time for the OPT to finish, but say you are at the end of your OPT you need to find a job which does h1b so that you have a valid visa status (or) continue your education so that you have another study visa.

    Say you want to go back to your home country, then make sure you have proper visa for your kid to enter your home country. Say your home country is India, then you need to file PIO Card for your kid or get a indian visa for your kid before you enter your home country, because your kid is a US Citizen and needs permit to enter in to your home country.

    03-17 03:14 PM
    Does anybody know how one can (if at all possible) to switch from EB3 to EB2 ? what is the criteria ? Has anybody done it ?

    Any light on this subject will help

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