Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • gcwait2007
    10-21 10:18 AM
    I am from Austin. I got my FP appointment scheduled on 11/13.

    Labor PD: 02/20/2007, I-140 pending with Nebraska since 06/29/2007.

    I submitted my I-485/765/131 on 8/1 to TSC and received by TSC on 8/2.

    All Notice from TSC dtd 9/26

    EAD card ordered on 10/3 and received on 10/10.

    FP notice date 10/16 with appointment scheduled on 11/13 in San Antonio, TX.

    No AP yet.

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  • AreWeThereYet
    08-04 09:37 AM
    Specific Adjudication Process Steps by Form Type on My Case Status: When customers check their case status online, the process steps they see will now be specific to the petition or application they submitted. Until recently, the website listed seven identical process steps for all forms, even though not all the steps applied to all the forms. With the new feature, process steps are customized for more than 40 form types.

    I like that. Thanks for posting the update.

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  • bindas74
    01-24 03:46 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I filed my 485 in June 07 ad hd my FP on 7th September, 07. I read on some of the threads that we would be geting notices for additional finger printing after 15 months or so. I havent received any yet. Should I be proactive an request for one? Will my EAD finger printng count towards the requirement? ( I had given my biometrics formy EAD last April i.e 08 April ). Is this the reason why I did not get the FP notice? Any one in my boat?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

    Anyone please share ur opinion.


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  • zwswim
    01-26 12:55 PM
    I am in H1b and my wife is a F1 student. Both of us are chinese.

    My company will apply the Green Card for me this year. As I know, my wife can be dependent on my application.

    My wife always go back to china every summary or winter vocation. She need to re-apply her F1 visa every year as a student from china.

    My concern stems from my wife's F1 status. We are wondering whether the immigrant petition will conflict with her F1's non-immigrant intention (unlike H1B which is accepted as a transient from non-immigrant to immigrant).

    Will this conflict have a huge affection on her F1 visa application in china?


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  • Beemar
    09-20 09:45 PM
    Don't read too much into it. Somebody might just be doing trivial mass updates (like moving your info from one database table to another ;)), and you will get a soft LUD.

    Seriously, I had a hobby before I got my GC (I got approved last Saturday only). I have registered all my previous approved and expired h1b petitions into the case status online system. Some of them are as old as year 2002. I frequently get soft LUDs on them. One of my petition was approved it 2002. It expired in 2004. And yet, I still get soft LUD on this petition every 3 month or so. The last one was in the month of June this year.

    So I really don't think there is much significance of a soft LUD.

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  • usirit
    10-08 01:32 PM
    Thank you for the template... :)


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  • milind70
    08-11 12:56 PM
    hello all,

    i filed my application on july 2nd to nebraska service center. Now i am filing my wife' application using the new updated 485 form. i sent my application to nebraska service center. i live in florida and in the new form i have noticed that they are asking people from florida to send 485 application to texas service center.

    i am confused as to where i should send my application. i am attaching a sheet which asks mailroom to attach my wife's new application to already filed my application ( sent on 2nd july with no recepit ).. i am just confused that if i send my application to texas will it get attached to my primary already filed application... any one in same situation or any insite please help.

    mail to NSC where you have mailed your application,you might have mailed your 485 to NSC since your 140 was approved from there.

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  • Scythe
    03-17 04:11 PM
    "WHAT," "GUESS," "MY NAME iS," "GREAT"

    "NO" is in there several times.


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  • snathan
    09-18 11:31 PM

    I am in a situation and hope someone here would be able to provide me with some advice. I was employed by Company A since 2006 and I was working at a Client location for the last 3 years. There is company B who is the primary vendor for the Client. Recently my H1 extension was denied and so I went out of status. I reached out to my end client for help. Since they are happy with my work, they said that they can talk to another vendor (company C) to sponsor a new H1 for me. Company C is now ready to file my H1 but the problem is that Company A somehow got to know about this and is enforcing a non compete agreement on me.

    I wanted to know if they can do this even though the H1 was denied and they are unable to provide me with any job. Can they stop me from earning my livelihood. I did not go out and breached any contract, I am trying to move only because my H1 with company A has been denied. The only thing is that the end client is the same.


    Most of the time its scaring tactics. Anyway you dont have much option here. Go ahead and secure your status first. Then hire an attorney and face Company A legally whatever comes...

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  • dvb123
    08-25 09:34 PM
    They call EB appointments E2, E3 etc


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  • dan19
    04-11 05:23 PM
    Where did you get this info. from?

    18000 change as of yesterday (April 10).

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  • gcsharma
    09-30 12:53 PM
    I'm currently working for Company A on H1B Visa. My GC is sponsored through Company B as a future employee. I never worked for Company B which has sponsored for my GC. I have applied for I485 and I140 has been approved for more than 6 months.

    Company A is going through lay offs and wont be able to apply for my GC. My 6 yr limit on H1B from Company A will expire next year.

    Can i apply for H1B extension through Company A based on my I-140 from Company B.


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  • a2k2
    01-13 03:01 PM
    In the interview letter I received they did ask for Medical but it also mentioned I could attend even if I do not have it. After attending the interview it did feel like that was the reason why they called us - they wanted my wife to go throught her medical again.

    Sorry I'm not sure of I684(Affidavit of Support). They did not ask me for it.

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  • jkamel5
    05-10 03:26 AM
    I came to the USA on F-1 student visa which is expired on 2005. Currently I have H1B status (I-797 form) (and NOT a stamped visa) and I-94 attached to the I-797 form.

    My question is that. Can I visit Canada for less than 30 days and coming back without the need to get a visa (automatic visa re-validation) OR I have to get a visa?

    I am worried because I never have a stamped H1B visa on my passoprt. Only H1B status + I94 which are not attached to the passoprt?

    I need your help and how can I make sure as I do not want to lose my job.

    Thank you,


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  • grupak
    08-15 11:03 AM
    I have been asked filled out a new I-9 form; I mailed it to my employer along with the copy of approval notice and plastic card.

    Thanks Wandmaker. Its clear (I think) what to do if you have the plastic... but what if you only have the approval notice I-797 (not the physical green card) and new EAD/H1B (which is not useful now), and need to file a I-9 because the old one is expiring.

    Consider a hypothetical situation : current EAD expires August 20, I-9 expires August 20, have a new EAD valid from August 21 for one more year. And also have an approval notice for the green card but no green card yet. If the plastic doesn't come by Aug 20th, can the I-797 for the green card be used to file I-9 and continue employment? The new EAD is probably not valid anymore.

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  • reewik
    February 11th, 2005, 07:21 PM
    I like it. Very nice shot.


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  • tb2904
    07-02 12:14 PM
    From immigration-law website.

    The State Department has released the update. The sudden backlog reduction efforts by Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices during the past month have resulted in the use of almost 60,000 Employment numbers. As a result of this unexpected action it has been necessary to make immediate adjustments to several previously announced cut-off dates. All Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices have been notified of the following: Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations inresponse to requests for Employment-based preference cases. All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation have been made available. Employment preference numbers will once again be available to these chargeability areas beginning October 1, 2007, under the FY-2008 annual numerical limitation.
    If visa number is unavailable in the Visa Bulletin, it appears that the USCIS is unable to accept the 485 applications under the USCIS regulation. It is thus likely that all the applications which they received or will receive today may be rejected and returned. The current situation is different from the other worker cases rejection in June in that in that case, the State Department did not officially revised the Visa Bulletin. However, we will have to wait and see the anticipated announcement from the USCIS.
    This Visa Bulletin revision also implies that there will be no EB-485 approvals during July, August, and September 2007!!!!! Accordingly all the recent approvals practically ended as of July 1, 2007 and there will be no adjudication of any employment-based I-485 applications. For the reasons, those EB-485 waiters who fail to receive the approval notices within this week will have to endure further hardships and emotional trauma. Now, people understand what Washington did to them. Had they passed the SKIL bill, all of these problems would have disappeared. We still wonder who invented the point system that helped to induce the business community to oppose the CIR and partially killed the bill. History will tell.

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  • glus
    09-13 01:55 PM
    They should file form I-130 for you immediately and once your priority date becomes current, you could file 485. You need to maintain status until you file 485. You should not wait until they become U.S. Citizens. You should lock your priority date and it will carry over even if they are U.S. Citizens. Family immigration is on a much faster track now.Take a look at past few visa bulletins to see.

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  • EAD
    03-30 12:04 PM
    When I did it in Delhi at US embassy there was an officer at the embassy counter just before entering into the embassy when you are at the line outside with your papers, he checks your documents. For me he checked my papers and wrote on them " PIMS found". After that i went into the embassy to get into the another line to talk to officer inside.

    Though it was 3 years back I am not sure if its done the same way now also.

    02-19 06:37 PM
    Now that the economy is in the toilet, it looks like people in H-1B will have to pay for it.

    An ignorant group of people don't understand that the world has now changed. They can kick out all the H-1Bs or shut-down the whole H-1B category, but it won't make the U.S. any better. The companies will just start opening offices offshore and more jobs will be lost.

    I am just awfully frustrated to see the fact that whenever something goes wrong in this country, the legal immigrant community will have to pay the price.

    03-16 07:23 PM
    Wait till you get your new H1 if possible and enter with new visa stamped on your passport. That is the cleanest way. You can also enter with previous H1 visa(with previous employer) and show the new I797. But i recommend you to go for cleanest approach.

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