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  • guyinus
    08-30 05:36 PM

    My H1 B is valid until 2010 (mar). But considering my entry/exit (I94) dates - I will be completing my 5 years in next 2 months.
    My query:
    1. Do I have time until 2009 (mar) for filing the Labor?
    2. Can I file GC in the 6th year of H1 B, if yes what are the consequences?

    Thanks in advance

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  • sk.aggarwal
    10-26 10:41 AM
    How long does it takes to get any thing back on FOIA request. I send over the documents a month back, havent heard anything back. Not even my position in the queue. How long does it takes?

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  • aries
    08-28 01:28 PM
    Hello Friends,

    My wife is on F1, doing her masters and is done with her course work, just left with one project (2 credits). Her college has the option of getting CPT (curriculum practical training) signed till the time her masters is not complete and then she is allowed to work off campus for 40 hours (full time).

    I have also filled for my 485 application, so I was wondering what is her status now after filling for 485 . Also is it fine if she gets her CPT signed now after filing I485. I just want to be sure that getting her CPT signed has no negative impact on our I 485.

    Any suggestions or anyone in similar situation


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  • Maqrkk
    06-22 07:39 AM
    You have my vote, awesome picture!


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  • rsayed
    08-04 10:52 AM
    I got my physical EAD card but my online status still says pending. Don't know what's going on at USCIS now.

    When does your current EAD expire?

    When did you apply for your EAD? Which Service Center? Paper or e-filed?

    Pl. advise. Thanks.

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  • Charlotte
    05-21 04:57 PM
    I tried applying for License Renewal inn NC when my H1 was pending with USCIS, they strictly told me that they will not issue the license until we get the approval notice from USCIS. if you have any luck please let me know?


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  • gijarh
    02-12 01:55 AM
    Guru's please help with the following situation: Labor PD: Dec 2002, Labor approved Feb 2005, I-140 approved May 2005, Filed I-485 (because of retrogation) in May 2006 for both me and wife. Got EAD Dec 2006. Got laid off in Feb 2007 from sponsoring company and decided that I have had enough of US immigration waiting and returned to home country for good in April 2007. Changed address to friends US address for USCIS records just to make sure that any communication from USCIS does not get lost in the mail. Was sure that the employer will cancel the whole GC process. But to my suprise on April 21st 2008, received the automated email from USCIS that 485 has been approved. The I-797 approval notice of action was received at my friends US address with a note that the plastic card should arrive within 30 days. This was back in April-May 2008 time frame. Well the plastic card never arrived inspite of phone calls to USCIS to either cancel the 485 or send the card.

    Can someone please educate me as to what I should do get the 485 cancelled and stop further processing of my wife's 485. I am afraid that I am stuck in a situation where the USCIS records indicate that I am a permanent resident when they never fully approved my case in time, while I have been out of the US for 2 years and do not intend to return. The US Consulate here has been of no help. Will this have any overhang for future US visits/immigration for me and my wife or for my children who are US Citizens.

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-28 11:20 AM
    If you are actually using the EAD you cannot work in the interim though. Just an FYI


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  • coolgc
    05-14 01:05 PM
    As per INA Sec 101(b), the definition of child is dependent who is unmarried and under 21 years old. The Child Status Protection Act (2002) provides some additional relief. This article could be useful for you -,0119-eiss.shtm

    Thank you very much for the information and also for the very useful link.

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  • sundeep14
    07-14 04:56 PM
    Thanks for quick worry is that USCIS should not put my 485 case in storage just thinkin that my 140 is not approved...though i have the approval in hand they have the online status as processin..i wonder how they follow procedure while approvin case...


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  • Chandra_Chndra
    05-04 02:17 PM
    My cousin has I-20's from Universities A and B.he got F1 Visa with University A's I-20.
    He is in India and he wants to go to University B.

    Could anybody tell if he can directly go to University B and complete the transfer process from there? or does he need to go to University A, complete the transfer process and then go to University B?

    does it create any problems at Port of Entry ?

    PS: I have not started GC process yet. So, I didn't update my profile.

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  • BMS1
    11-04 01:15 AM
    That was an old news. Around 60000 visa's were pre-allocated to pending applications before July 2nd, 2007. I would be very surprised if the numbers are not much more than 18000 for India EB3. India used to get around 40-45 K visas per year for all EB categories before 2005 since the soft quota was introduced. All these numbers are avilable on USCIS website.


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  • svam77
    07-24 02:22 PM
    I mean should it be only Software engr in the exp letter rather than Sr Software engr, since the labor says Software engr ?

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  • sanju_dba
    09-20 02:01 PM
    not sure if moving to another state is a option...
    but i can think of..
    1) cancel the insurance
    2) apply for another insurance effective from your return date, cancel the existing insurance.
    3) take min liability only
    4) see if they can suspend it for 2 months.


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  • andy garcia
    07-02 09:50 AM
    I live/work in california - and on the I-485 form it says the address is :
    USCIS Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87485
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7485

    Can someone please advise? Apologies if this has been covered already.

    Employment-based adjustment of status.

    File all employment-based AOS applications at the following address:

    USCIS Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87485
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7485

    This includes an EB Form I-485 filed concurrently with a Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and an EB Form I-485 filed based on a pending or an approved Form I-140.

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  • eb3India
    08-22 09:38 AM
    I have been following IV ever since itz inception and I really appreciate all the efforts by volunters.

    However, I feel we have up-hill battle in this current political and economical situation and we need to re-think about startergies and solving current retrogession.

    I just want initiate brainstorm, I am not sure if these ideas are discussed before,

    Having seen how CIR bill is killed in House, I am very doubtfull about SKILL bill getting passed in house.

    getting any pro-immigration (legal/illegal) is a long processes, so can we need to focus on what we can do to reduce the retrogression within current legal framework

    lobby senators to enforce USICS on following

    - Reduce time taken for Security Checks
    - Try to consider 245i cases in a different catagory than EB3
    - Try recapture unused visa numbers from 2003-04-05
    - issue EAD/AP for three years
    - remvoe per country quota
    - allow to apply for I485 if I140 is approved, ( I know this is controvesial but we can try)

    These simple things could reduce retrogression if not completly resolved


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  • ajay
    12-23 08:59 PM
    Actually I have applied for the AP before this and when I found it is took so long to get it after a month I went ahead and requested for expediting it.
    Although I have requested the customer service to expedite it over the phone I thought I would go ahead and submit my proof also to further speed up the process.

    Hope this helps.

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  • sdrblr
    09-03 11:52 AM
    Just cast my ballot :)

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  • anurakt
    01-15 08:35 PM

    06-14 11:30 PM

    I have friend who was in US for 7 years (F1->H1) and moved back to India. Later, he came here on B1 for couple of times. What's the best option for him if he wants to come back to US to work full time.

    Thanks in advance.

    12-17 06:07 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I was wondering if you may have a separate section compiling all searchable supporting references together. I did not doubt that there should be summaries in the thread. It just like seeking a needle in a sea.

    I am writing to a District representatives urging them to support SKIL Bill. I believe if some supportive evidence or references will make my letter strong.

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